Friday, December 10, 2010

Ha Ha Holidays...

Some of my favorite things make you laugh.  A real laugh.  From the gut, milk out your nose, can't keep it back kind of laugh. In school, I remember one of my teachers said that "truly funny things are things that are true." It was worded much better than that, but I have a terrible memory and I'm happy that I can remember the gist of it. 

The year has flown by and I haven't touched half of my to do list, not to mention my resolutions. Nope, not even half of my holiday to do list. I'll let you in on a secret...I haven't started my Christmas cards yet. On the list...towards the top, I think. Instead, I found something better. A funny book. The holidays can get a bit crazy. Now, I don't feel so bad about it.

...and it is hillarious.  It's dedicated "to all the unbalanced mothers". Look at the chapter names...

"Life's Too Short To Fold Fitted Sheets: Your Ultimate Guide To Domestic Liberation" (Chronicle Books) is
written by Lisa Quinn, and I think I love her. She's a self professed "Martha junkie", a domestic diva and insanely funny.

There are hillarious parts and sections with useful hints.  Like really useful...kid appropriate fabrics and flooring so you can clean, yes, please!  With a smidge of snarky. "Because honestly, who out there really wants to spend an entire Saturday constructing crepe paper peonies for the brunch centerpiece"
I am as addicted to parties as any of you.  Love them, I wouldn't want to be in any other industry. She really hits it home about the stresses about it, though.  Sometimes you just want to walk away...far, far away...

It might be mom-wifey-lit.  But hey, I'm a mom.  It is beyond hillariously funny and just one of those books that reminds you how good you really do have it, with all the imperfections that come, too.  Perfect for the Holidays as a gift to your own domestic sure to wrap is really pretty...or in a paper bag just for kicks.

On the same note... I will be posting until next Wednesday, December 15th.  Then I will be taking a break until January 15th.  I really do have a ton on my list, and this year I wanted most of my gifts to be handmade.
Lots of updates coming to the shop and links to add to the blog.  I'll still be reading and twittering, just at a slower enjoy the season and plan a trip to the inlaws...

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Oh my heavens, have you seen the gift guides out there? Every single time I check twitter,  I practcally find another one! Which is incredible and fun and slightly dangerous for my pocketbook  I must admit, my fellow bloggers, that you wonderful people have the best taste in presents.  I enjoyed looking at your collections far more than every single printed set in those glossies. WAY more.  So, I have compiled a list.  She's not pretty (the goodies at the end of the hunt are) and she's light on words...but she will get you where you need to go, STAT. Which is good, seeing as it is the 9th already.
**Keep in mind, some blogs have extensive 'bouts of gorgeousness lasting more than one day, I linked to the main site so you can keep checking back.

bump smitten "2010 Gift Guide for the Mom-to-Be"
coco + kelley "Wish Lists and Gift Guides"
creature comforts "Gifted Magazine"
cupcakes and cutlery "Helping Some Sistas Out - The Gift Guide"
design*sponge "2010 gift guides"
enchanted dream weddings “Gifts that Give Back”
frenchie and flea “Holiday Gift Guide”
green4u "Holiday Gift Wish List: 2010 Edition"
hank and hunt our very own "Holiday Gift Guide"
little sooti "Christmas Gift Guide 2010"
mrs. lilien “Mrs. Holiday Gift Advisory”
merci new york "Holiday Hostess Gifts"
oh joy "Holiday Gift Guide"
pizzazzerie "2010 Holiday Gift Guide"
passing notes "Holiday Gift Guide"
the tomkat studio "2010 Holiday Gift Guide"
valley & co. "Holidays at Home"
with style and grace "TheUltimate Gift Guide for Her"

PS - while hunting down all these incredible links…I found an incredible round up over on this lovely blog…(not to miss, she has all the incredible links to the really good stuff)

Ooh and one more thing - this is a link guide to esty shops that trade goods and services.  Brilliant!
oh hello friend "Holiday Shop Trade Guide"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gifted Magazine from Creature Comforts

If you haven't heard or seen this little lovely and read it like a hundred times, honestly...where have you been?  This little piece of heaven, aka Gifted Magazine, is a gorgeous online holiday magazine curated by the loveliest of all, Ms. Ez of Creature Comforts.  I have been mildly (ok, crazy) obsessed with her blog since the beginning.  Do you remember your first blog crushes? Well, Ez was my very first.  She still is one of my all-time favorites.  AND... this girl can make one heck of a magazine.  Honestly, someone (editors can you hear me???) give this fabulous lady a magazine.  oh...wait. She's so amazing, she already got herself one.  And it rocks.

Gifted Magazine is the perfect holiday gift guide.  It even has DIYs to die for.  This little darling below is on my to do list. It is why I just had 24 gauge wire lying around to make the tinsel words.  And with mere weeks to go...I am gonna make this wreath this week.  Such a simple idea, but my pretty little head is just buzzing about with options to use this twistie tie theory. Adore.

Still stumped about what to get for someone? Or what to make?  Go indulge yourself and view the completely FREE and completely AWESOME Gifted Magazine...or revisit it over and over and dream of having it in print...dear santa, I have been (mostly) good this year...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Visions of Loveliness - Holiday Carnival

Hello sweeties, I hope you had a lovely weekend! I have been waiting anxiously for this little pretty post by Sharon of Cupcakes and Cutlery.  Ever since she told me it was carnival themed I have been dying to see it. is fabulous...could it ever not be?  Take it away my lovely...

Sharon says, "I have yet to pick one look for my Christmas decorating. This year, though, I am totally feeling a Christmas carnival vibe. If I had the energy and time to start all my holiday decorating for this theme, this board is what I would aim for it to look like. I think it would be a super fun holiday party theme too. It could be really casual, sort of naughty feeling with the homemade peppermint liquor and bright, gaudy colors, fun for kids and adults and totally unexpected! I hope you all have a fantastic holiday!!!!"




Friday, December 3, 2010


Happy Holidays! Here's a roundup of some little lovelies.  I am also pleased to announce that you can find MORE gift guides over on Cupcakes and Cutlery and   Green4u (We decided to unveil these babies together for more shopping goodness, tons of goodness)

I just added to it this morning so there will be more goodies sprinkled around the month...Enjoy!


rollings of cinnamon apron ice milk aprons $85
spoon recipe cards rifle paper co. $10
rolling pin williams sonoma $18
individual pie tin donna hay $2.95
dining room measuring spoons anthropologie $24



ribbed fingerless gloves Gap $20
drapey bow earrings anthropologie $30
essie 4 pack of polish jcrew  $20
doodles pen kate spade $45
merino throw pendelton  $98



calligraphy return address stamp emilie friday’s $49
best ever cupcake icing kit bake it pretty $17
pink round cake stand sweet and saucy supply $65
cupcake tray sprinkles $25
weekly calendar kate spade $18


dachshund “lola” strawberries and cream $27
organic skittles bowling set little sapling toys $21
catalina tablet desk pottery barn kids $79
furry bear hoodie gap $25
little fox teething toy little sapling toys $12
stroller blanket baby dry goods $38



"the boy mechanic" popular mechanics $10
pop rocks glass jonathan adler $
plaid scarf lands end $29
leather iphone case restoration hardware $39

cashmere lined gloves jcrew $98
fifth avenue stripe earmuffs kate spade $65
wanderlust pacifica solid perfume set sephora $15
gillian o'malley slippers target $10

Hmmm....and Santa... if you can find these kate spade bourgeois bow earrings from last year...I will love you forever!!!
PS - those lovely velvet bows and sequins are graphics from the amazing pugly pixel

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello? Are you still there?

I have been MIA the last two weeks darlings and I apologize.  My posts are not as fabulous as they should be. My excuses:
It was Thanksgiving. K' thats a given.  Ours was small and lovely.  I cooked, cheated a bit, but ultimately rocked it out.  And...I didn't forget to make stuffing, like I might have done last year.

But then it was my birthday this past weekend.  Look at the pretty party in a box Sharon sent me!  My pictures are terrible because it was already dark when I put them up. Ok, so this is two posts in a row I claim bad lighting. I live in NV and the sun sets here faster than on the coast, people, Tahoe and the Sierras...nuff said. ***Sharon, my pictures all turned out really bad and didn't showcase how cute everything was in real life...and the candy/snack bar didn't last long, yes, the main person eating it when I was taking pictures was me, I should have excersized restraint, but it was my birthday and "I do what I waunt..." I loved it.  Thank you so much!!!***

I have also been working on a baby shower that my lovely sis-n-law is throwing this weekend.


I am pretty pleased and had so much fun doing it I am figuring on adding printies to the lineup over at the shop. I am I do a whole separate shop called "Hank + Hunt Printables" or just a new section? I am leaning towards the new section.  That way if anyone felt like buying a garland, they could with one final checkout.  Easy peasy. 

So, I am sorry for the delay.  I have lots of goodies lined up, a DIY (of the pretty garland she sent me above) and a inspiration board from Sharon, a DIY I'm working on for over on Valley & Co., a bunch of little goodies and my GIFT GUIDE tomorrow.  Ok, its a regular post, but its got great stuff in it. As in I deliberately checked every magazine I own, which is a stack a mile high this month, to make sure I couldn't find them on other gift guides.  PS. I still have a few online ones to check...which I will list tomorrow too.

PS I also made these instead of a birthday cake.  Seven layer cookies via Smitten Kitchen

So, yes, for the first time in 33 years, I didn't eat chemical frosting for my birthday.  And I am okay with that. It's going to be a fantastic year. These were perfect and pretty easy to make, really.  The assembly is the only hard part, if you are slightly OCD like I might be. But,  I want to remake these without the colors and white chocolate coating.  YUM.  That is coming soon, too.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Super Quick Advent Calendar Printable

Hello Lovelies!  I just made this little countdown this afternoon because I completely lost track of time and never made the gorgeous one I have in my dreams...for the second year running.   I was incredibly inspired by the pretty little countdown over on Potter and Butler yesterday using her fabulous gracious garland. I have a little calendar countdown set of cute little ornaments and its easy and you can whip one out right now.  Easy peasy.  I made it for my 2 3/4' round punch because I don't like cutting circles.  I tried the circle cutter today and jabbed myself in the finger putting the tip on.  Ouch.  So, I added few more pages so the circles had more space for punching.  Punch each number out.  Punch a hole on top.  Run some thread and voila- 24 mini ornaments ready for countdown.  It's our first year doing this tradition, so I had to bat the boys away from putting ALL of them up at once.  I had the card holder, but you could also just string a piece of twine or ribbon and line them up with clothespins across the walls.  More pictures coming tomorrow, my light is already gone today.  But if you make this (or Emily's) tonight, you are still perfectly on schedule.  Enjoy.

Get your countdown HERE. Get Emily's prettier and more sophisticated one here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lolly Garland Tutorial over on A FABULOUS FETE

Hello all! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday.  It's my favorite time of year...when it's officially time to celebrate Christmas, even though my tree has been up for possibly one or two weeks...ahem. Anyhoo, without further ado...Go get your craft on with a super simple and super cute garland/ornament/cupcake topper tutorial I did for Lauren over on a fabulous fete. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

World's Easiest Eggnog Coffee Cake

You might have seen a tweet about a very complicated eggnog coffee cake recipe I was gonna post this morning.  I was kidding.  This is the EASIEST eggnog coffee cake...EVER.  You know I like easy.  This makes some delicious coffee cake with a hint of eggnog flavor.  Yum. 

We just made this again (second time this week) and it's almost gone already...

On your trip to the store today, don't forget to grab...
~one box of Krusteaz Crumb Cake Mix
~one egg

My very easy directions... Follow the recipe on the back of the box.  Add 2/3 EGGNOG instead of the 2/3 cup water...add egg.  Mix. Pour into 8x8 greased pan. Sprinkle topping. Cook as directed.  Voila! Super yummy eggnog coffee cake that your guests will wonder why it's so decadently scrumptious...and its easy enough that you can whip some up to lure people into the kitchen to help tomorrow with the turkey...

Enjoy and  BEST WISHES for a Happy Thanksgiving for you and yours!

Canvas and Canopy DIY

The Canvas and Canopy blog is amazing. All the gorgeousness that once was ilovelolliblog has been loaded into Canvas and Canopy's archives.  I've been meaning to share this DIY with you!  I was looking over my posts and I saw this little lovely never posted.  About  a month late.  Naughty Jenny. I blame dialup, but you can blame me. Here you go, a little treat for the long weekend!

When Cortnie asked me to do a party goodie tutorial for all of her lovely readers... I shrieked with joy.  I just about fell out of my chair. So here it is! My little lovely cake banner tutorial. Go visit Canvas and Canopy and learn how to make one, too.  Thank you, Cortnie!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tinsel Word DIY

Hello! So, while we were putting up Christmas decorations this weekend, I ended up with extra garland.  Me? no way... This mini tinsel garland was the perfect antiqued silver color and I had just purchased it at Target.  I was outnumbered by the boys and told there will be NO garland on the tree.  What??? Since this year is the first where the mini men have been big enough to really help decorate the tree, I gave in, after a lot of whining on my side.  So yep.  I'm obsessed with garland...and I have none on my tree.  I'll let it slide this year. But I just couldn't bear to put this cute little tinsel in the attic.  I don't have a mantel...or a staircase...hmmm...
I had just purchased wire for another holiday project and thought about those cheesy hanging decorations made of tinsel...perfect!  Mine is way more chic, no?

So, supply wise, a roll of picture hanging wire (from a hardware store) and about 16 ft of tinsel.  The mini tinsel works best with the thin wire. By all means use the big stuff if you want something huge, just remember to increase the gauge of the wire so it's stronger. 

Before you start, lay out your word/letter/design to check that you have enough tinsel, it would be terrible if you ran out and ended up with "ho"

Use the wire cutter attached to the roll packaging or a pair of wire cutters if you have them. Cut about two foot sections of wire to start.  It is easier to attach two pieces of wire together later.  Also, cut a bunch of little 2 inch pieces of wire.  You will use these to secure the tinsel to the wire.

Now it's time to start wrapping.  Twist the ends of the wire and tinsel to secure it together.  Add a 2 inch piece and twist like a twistie tie.  Wrap the garland around and around to cover the wire.  I did mine kind of loosely, it's certainly not dense, but I needed lots of little pieces twisted on to secure it. It is more a matter of personal preference.

Keep going until you get to the end of the piece of wire.  At the end, twist a new piece of wire to join the new section and continue down the line.  After you have a large length of tinsel covered wire, start forming your letters.  Use the smaller "twistie" pieces to secure the letter formations and any loosened tinsel.  Twist, bend, twist. 
The thin wire is easy to work with, and forms the letters nicely.  The word will still need some support when hanging.  I used about 6 push pins to attach it to my wall, placed in the cross of the h's,on e dead center and two on the ends. I did this quickly, in under an hour.  You could use a heavier gauge wire, but it might be more difficult to work with.

Wouldn't this be cute as initials for a holiday wedding or a baby shower? 

Enjoy and have a fabulous holiday week! Let me know if the pictures are too small to see, I have been having way too much fun with Picasa!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Haul-idays with Chronicle Books

Hello Lovelies! I hope you are having a gorgeous weekend! 

Chronicle Books is my all time favorite publisher.  They have consistanly created beautiful books and gifts.  Eveytime I find a new book I 99.9% of the time is Chronicle.  I love them dearly.  I wanted to share with you a wishlist I made over on Chronicle Books.  They are having the most amazing contest called Happy Haul-idays.  I post my $500 wishlist of all the books and goodies I love from Chronicle Books and you comment.  If we win this, not only to I get a box of goodies of the WHOLE do ONE of you - just for commenting!! It's a win-win on the merriment scale.  So without further delay... My list of lovelies.

 gorgeous entertaining
By the creators of those gorgeous little cards.  This came out on Tuesday and I'm headed out the door to go get it today.  BTW...I think I am in love with Shauna...
I have BABY SHOWERS and WEDDING SHOWERS by this duo of formerly Martha Stewart Staff.  I LOVED them then and still DO now, ten years later (yes, I was crazy for parties in college, too) If this book is anything like the others, I NEED it.
I have sucuumbed to that little piece of me that wants to go back to France.  I've even tried to learn French.  Ok, still working on that.  This little lovely shows all the goodie basics that you need to make your own luxe french party.  Simple and pretty, I'm making these party pretties in the poor girl's linen...chunky muslin.
pretty little crafts
I heart Yee-Haw industries (zombies ring a bell?) and letterpress.  I heart this...
On my list to learn ASAP, what a pretty family portrait this would make. I just love how timeless and modern these look.
Everyone around the web has been crazy about this book.  Gotta have it.
I must admit.  This woman can teach you to sew.  Her patterns are the EASIEST I have EVER made.  And to top it off they are cute and not your mama's sewing patterns.  I have made 3 of her purses and her's was the first quilt I ever made from a pattern. I own every other book she's made.  I love when I can get another!
I want to learn how to applique the right way.  I have tried to teach myself, but its gotta be easier than what I try. 
I've been dying to get my hands on this at my bookstore.  I wanna see I wanna see!
Love. the end.
Aren't these just the prettiest little accoutrements ever? I want this so bad.  I would, however, have to force myself to use them on packages to giveaway.  I tend to hoard this stuff.  Oops, did I say that out loud?

yummy deliciousness in directional form
Both Tartine's are so pretty.  If my creations taste as good as these look, I must have this.
My brother says cookies are the next cupcake. Does whoopie pie count?  It's like a cake and cookie had a baby.
I adore a bakery cookbook, this one is so lovely I'd a bought it on the spot if I was in a store.
I have the kid version of this.  It's a diet breaker for sure, but for this much yummy, I don't care.

perfect little goodies
Have you seen the pretty little chalkboard to-do lists?  Get the paper version...
Too cool for school...

these little lovelies I've wanted since last year...
Premade patterns, insert into all kinds of printable goodness? So, I can print my own loveliness? Yes, please.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Holiday Hints

Hello, we interrupt our regularly scheduled Wednesday Wonderfulness for an important holiday entertaining message. If you are one of those lovelies that can restrain themselves to decorate until after Thanksgiving, this is especially for you. If you have been decorated for a week or more (Thanksgiving, what Thanksgiving?) then this is still helpful, too. This is a public service announcement for all. There are some things that must be purchased for the holidays NOW. As in yesterday, literally.

Rule number one…anything you like in one of the gorgeous gift spreads in the pretty holiday magazines should be purchased right now. That is if there is still stock left…go check…

I’ll wait right here…

okay, good.

Next, entertaining goodies are a plethora right now. You will have more selection now,than at any other time of the year. If you like to host parties this season or next, you must take advantage of the increased supply of options. Do you have a wedding in spring or summer? In all honesty, this is the easiest time to find mercury glass. Period. I have my eye on this lovely at Ballard Designs. I guarantee you will not be able to find this baby in July, even though I would argue that its beautiful antiqued silver finish would look lovely with red and blue stripes and stars. But really, I have been looking for one of these for-like-ever. Well here it is.
Mercury Pedestal at Ballard Designs

This is also a perfect time to stock up on neutral serveware…aka cake stands and tiered servers. I am a yearlong shopper. I will buy any (and every) reasonably priced option I find in my shopping adventures. I always check sales and to be honest…these sales coming up next week are the best. Had your eye on an 8” cake stand by the lovely Martha at Macys? Well, I just got the square version this weekend for a grand total of $13. Can you say additional % off of the already awesome sale price? Always keep an eye out for great basics that you can get for cheap, like really cheap. You will always use them, and if you have an arsenal, how adorable will those biscuits look at brunch on a pretty little stand?

Why am I telling you this? Because it is a great tip if you are just starting to want to design pretty parties. Because you are at the mall or browsing online anyway. Because if you don’t get certain items now, when you go looking for them the weekend before your holiday fete…the good stuff will be gone and you will be stuck with an overpriced dessert tray with an ugly reindeer on it. Yes, I don’t care if you get servers with reindeer on them…but beware, after next weekend all the cute ones will be gone. Really.

I offer this advice from experience. That, in past years, I have browsed, gone home, debated and in some instances, when I returned the VERY NEXT DAY…my coveted lovelies were gone. Now what’s a girl to do. Shop smarter next year. So, finally today, I will share with you some of my goodies...get it while it’s hot and the shipping is free…

Isn’t this pretty. I found it in the candle section this weekend. How perfect would little macarons or mini meringues be on this? Remember to think outside the box. Pottery Barn Tiered Server

These guys are really hard to find and sell out quick. I can’t tell you how many times my chosen set of Williams Sonoma cookie cutters were gone upon the second trip. Really. And these have little messages you can write. Combine the holiday sayings with the original message cookies…especially the scalloped cutter…too darn cute. Williams Sonoma Cookie Cutters

Dear little tablecloth made of festive tartan, you have eluded me two years running. You can’t hide, I love you and you will be mine. Williams Sonoma Tartan Tablecloth (placemat shown)

This baby is under $15 bucks. I have it in white. This is a perfect neutral and you could even use it at Thanksgiving. Sur La Table Wire Dessert Stand

Cute gift tags are a PAIN to find. Don’t leave wrapping to the last minute. Well, leave the wrapping part. Get your supplies ASAP. I would use these around napkins as place settings. Zinc Tags at terrain.

Got a West Elm catalog in the mail yesterday afternoon. Fell in love with this. What to put on it. Don’t care, just know it would be perfect in the arsenal. This baby is made of porcelain and is NOT on the website. Call to order or visit the stores…West Elm Porcelain Petit Four Stand 16-3096443 (that’s the catalog item number, just in case you heed my warnings…)

Okay, at the very top is a cute basic ruffle edge cake stand I picked up at Pier One. It was $14.99. Nuff said. (Santa is from Target - isn't he cute?)

Finally, don’t walk by ornaments you love just because it’s early…er mid…November. (I might purchase an ornament or two in October, don’t judge me.) They will not be there. Or they will only be online, and who orders just one ornament online? Not me.

So there you have it. My little bit about entertaining goodies and how you can accumulate the good stuff for cheap so it’s there when you need it. Just think, if you follow my advice, you will be able to focus on decorating the cookies and not what you’re going to put them on. A plate with an ugly reindeer on it…for shame, unless you embrace Christmas sweaters, then carry on!

So my little hunters- good luck and best dishes.



Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm over on Honeysuckle Lane!!

I am sure you remember the loveliness that is Simple Joys Paperie?  It was my first ever Wonderful Wednesday post.  Lana's pretty little blog Honeysuckle Lane is filled with gorgeousness, just like her shop.  So today, head on over there to see my little interview and learn a wee bit more about what was the first thing I ever sewed...

A huge THANK YOU to Lana for making me feel so welcome and special on her blog.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pretty Little Links: weekly roundup and link lovelies

These types of posts I adore, they always seem to happen on Fridays and are a concoction of loveliness that has been found around the web or links to things that posted during the week. I must succumb to the temptation and share with you some of the loveliness that I have found.  There was just too much wonderfulness this week, and I am guessing it will only get better with the holidays quickly approaching.  SO...for the holiday season I am giving you the gift of things that caught my eye...cause I will bet money they catch your eye, too.  I would love it if you shared some others (of your favorite links) in the comment section!

First to begin the series, my favorite Link Loves that I read religiously every weekend:

OH HAPPY DAY! (she writes the links for BABBLE.COM but I read them on her blog)

Of course there are more, I will share some with you every week.  Now...for the good stuff. My faves of the week...

simple embroidered napkins diy on design*sponge
fondant bow topper tutorial on the sweets bar
black and white party to die for on a fabulous fete
the gorgeousness and wonderfulness that is elegant decay starts here wth valley & co on bubblerock
a recipe for pretty peppermint goodies that immediately went on my to do list on sweetapolita
paper pretties i just like looking at on ritzy bee
a gingerbread house party of adorableness on garnish
diy canvas placemats that are getting made this weekend on frenchie and flea

Enjoy and happy weekend!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hunter's Monsters Printables are UP!

Hello again! Just wanted to let you know I got the monster printies up! I hid them towards the bottom of this morning's post.  I made this guy to match "Monster"  aren't they cute together? Enjoy!