Saturday, January 30, 2010

signs of lovely...

I love quotes. Love...them...So of course, I love signs. I like that Keep Calm, Carry On but I have seen it way too much to put it up in my own house. There are alot of new renditions of that age old poster, cupcakes perhaps? This one from Jennysbakeshop. It would be perfect in my kitchen, I have a twin???
Now, I would feel cluttered if I had every sign I loved up. Ed even gets worried if I mention putting up one or two. Here are some of my current faves...hmmmm. Maybe I will start a whole series...

These two are from Loveshop, HAVE to HAVE this...its perfect.

And "think happy, be happy" so true and so darn happy...

The next two are from America Retold, via Elizabeth's Embellishments .
I wish I had this one, so obvious, but more polite than reminding everyone when they come over...perfect for over an entryway bench. Oh, and by the way, did I mention these are enamel coated metal? You know me and metal.

This would be perfect for the shower. Unfortunately, Auntie A...I just gathered all the booty for your shower, and you are done darling. But oh man, so cute!!!

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