Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Dana from MADE posted this bunting tutorial on V and Co. Which Dylan just emailed me about when she found it on The Moody Fashionista.  LOVE IT. Two obsessions in one, garland bunting and peeps.  Oh, how I love peeps. I simply must make this.  Even if I am getting home after Easter, to the top of my TO DO list it goes.

The color options are endless, like when I looked at them on MADE.  She even has door hangers!!! I LOVE you Dana, and I just found you today!

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  1. OMG I think I'm in love with MADE too, I just found her 90 minute shirt, I want to make a thousand! And I want a serger! There was one on craigslist a couple weeks ago for $50!!!!! The lady had bought it at a yardsale for $8!!!! She never used it so had it serviced then put on C-list. I missed it by a phone call. I almost cried. Anyway, check out the 90 minute shirts we should make some when you get home!