Tuesday, May 4, 2010


How cool are these wheels? I want to have the hubby make a coffee table with them, wouldn't that be awesome? A weekend or two ago I took the boys roaming around a mining and farm equipment antique store. We were on a mission to find tractor seats. Found!

While flitting around etsy, I saw a stool someone had fashioned out of an old seat and wood. It was fabulous!
I have always loved going antiquing, but a two and four year old next to aisles and aisles of breakables? I am not crazy nor rich enough to attempt. The boys did great at the acres of old rusty goodies. They evendid great when we snuck inside to see these...

I have a love/hate relationship with American Pickers, jealous that they get to do that everyday, crazy over all the cool "girly" stuff they don't even glance at. Lucky boys, lucky boys.

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