Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mind your P's and Q's

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a fabulous long weekend! Here we had a fantastic time.  But, unfortunately Henry was sick on Saturday with a cold.  Yesterday Hunter got it, and guess who got it today?! Here's a quick little mini post on some little manners.

ADORE THIS!!! Loving this poster. It is SO something I'd say to the boys. SUBLIMINAL BABY POSTER by SYCAMORESTREETPRESS

A simple and perfect little reminder for the boys, and mama, too. EAT GOOD FOOD by LUCKYBLUEBIRDART

How adorable are these napkins?  Henry is just learning to read, is highly impressionable, and these would be perfect. MANNERS NAPKINS by BETSYGRACE

I love these colors! Perfect for hanging right next to the sink... WASH YOUR HANDS by BELLYBABIES

Oh dear, how many times do you say this a day, me about a hundred...SAY PLEASE by LOUELLAPRESS

With a zillion toys, why do they fight over the same one? This sums it up perfectly.  SHARE POSTER by INKPETALS


  1. love those manner napkins..so cute!!
    btw hope you guys feel better!!

  2. Visiting from BYW class. Love these, I feel like I say all these things to the point of being a broken record. This is a much more gracious way to remind people you love. ;)