Friday, December 10, 2010

Ha Ha Holidays...

Some of my favorite things make you laugh.  A real laugh.  From the gut, milk out your nose, can't keep it back kind of laugh. In school, I remember one of my teachers said that "truly funny things are things that are true." It was worded much better than that, but I have a terrible memory and I'm happy that I can remember the gist of it. 

The year has flown by and I haven't touched half of my to do list, not to mention my resolutions. Nope, not even half of my holiday to do list. I'll let you in on a secret...I haven't started my Christmas cards yet. On the list...towards the top, I think. Instead, I found something better. A funny book. The holidays can get a bit crazy. Now, I don't feel so bad about it.

...and it is hillarious.  It's dedicated "to all the unbalanced mothers". Look at the chapter names...

"Life's Too Short To Fold Fitted Sheets: Your Ultimate Guide To Domestic Liberation" (Chronicle Books) is
written by Lisa Quinn, and I think I love her. She's a self professed "Martha junkie", a domestic diva and insanely funny.

There are hillarious parts and sections with useful hints.  Like really useful...kid appropriate fabrics and flooring so you can clean, yes, please!  With a smidge of snarky. "Because honestly, who out there really wants to spend an entire Saturday constructing crepe paper peonies for the brunch centerpiece"
I am as addicted to parties as any of you.  Love them, I wouldn't want to be in any other industry. She really hits it home about the stresses about it, though.  Sometimes you just want to walk away...far, far away...

It might be mom-wifey-lit.  But hey, I'm a mom.  It is beyond hillariously funny and just one of those books that reminds you how good you really do have it, with all the imperfections that come, too.  Perfect for the Holidays as a gift to your own domestic sure to wrap is really pretty...or in a paper bag just for kicks.

On the same note... I will be posting until next Wednesday, December 15th.  Then I will be taking a break until January 15th.  I really do have a ton on my list, and this year I wanted most of my gifts to be handmade.
Lots of updates coming to the shop and links to add to the blog.  I'll still be reading and twittering, just at a slower enjoy the season and plan a trip to the inlaws...


  1. Oh my this is a classic! I need this book!

  2. I am so the Half-Assed Hostess!!! I need to see that book in person!

  3. Ha! i love this book! must buy it for my sister..she'll appreciate it.

  4. Pretty friggin' funny!! Love it! Hope your holidays are going splendidly.