Monday, March 14, 2011

Super Source - Bake it Pretty

In case you missed it, Bake it Pretty, one of my personal favorites/main source for cupcake-wares and goodies, has launched their brand NEW website and they have even more GOODIES.


The most fabulous part??? Not only do they still carry a slew of cupcake papers, cookie cutters and sprinkles...they carry party supplies. Before there were tidbits, but now they carry TONS.  There are more colors for festooning, which I just purchased in a bunch of colors and am seriously dying over.

A huge selection of twistie-ties - in a myriad of colors, people - seriously. A mega assortment of perfectly round balloons and fabulous hanging decor in the new Celebration Supplies section.

It is the largest selection of party AND baking wares (in all the necessary colors, aka the awesome ones you want) that I have ever seen in one place.  Second best thing??? You can create an account and create WISHLISTS. Yes, that's plural.  One for each party, holiday, color. WOO HOO! Party planners and list makers rejoice!

Kuddos to Amanda and her team and wishing you best of luck! Go check Bake it Pretty out now.

{all photos via BAKE IT PRETTY}


  1. Thanks for letting me know about this site. Now if only I could stop myself from spending lots and lots of money! :)

  2. oohhh i love this!!! especially that last one. such a great find!

  3. Gaaahhhhh! I LOVE the new stuff! Thanks for the 411! Love me some Bake it Pretty! And, could use the dose of color-filled happy on a gloomy Tuesday. Perfect timing! :)

  4. Gorgeous!! Love those polkadotted balloons!