Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I will admit, sometimes I am lost with my first born.  For example, while hearing for the seventieth time, what time is it?  I realize...ooohhhh, I'm supposed to teach you how to read a clock. Big time mommy duh.  Which is also not the word to say out loud to yourself, because if you say it enough, your short people will gleefully chime in, also.

But, after coming to the realization that I need to teach time, I went looking for a printable.  Just a simple one...yet all I could find were terribly hideous versions.  Really? Why is it when you make something for kids or about them it has to look like bad kids' handwriting.  All the preschool forms came home like that.  Um, my kid isn't going to read it...can I get a decent font? or at least a plain one? Don't even get me started on the clip art.  Anyhoo, I was reminded of the lack of graphic designers in the school system as I cruised the "educational" blogs and printables for teachers. I finally became so disappointed, that I made my own.  Which took like 5 mins total, and I probably could have done from the start, instead of spending all that time looking.  Oh well.  I give you a very plain, simple, no comic sans in sight, printable clock in two colors.

Print on cardstock, trim the edges off around the clock, cut out the hands, punch a hole in the ends and attach to the clock with a brad.  Voila.

Oh, and I just made a little coloring page version, for those little ones who love to color!


Enjoy! xo


  1. You are awesome. This is super cool. Thank you for sharing. I suppose I can't only teach my son the digital time telling, huh?

  2. Thanks!! I hate comic sans! And I haven't taught my 5 year old how to tell time .. so this will be fun and educational! :)

  3. These are wonderful! Thanks for "taking the time" to create these!

  4. Love this Jenny!! So cute- and so thankfully missing Comic Sans :) I'm not a mom yet but I'm cracking up at you describing the preschool handouts, I can just picture myself (sometime down the line!) critiquing them ha!