Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hi everyone! Today for our 3 THINGS TUESDAY I am bringing out the big guns and sharing some super sources for party decor.  These are all those little lovely hanging and tissue paper decor treats that only seem to be in a few colors here and there. So, I'm giving away secrets...well, not really because you could have found them with a good keyword search on Google. I'm just saving you the effort.

First up, this one I just found last week, DEVRA PARTY CORP.  Devra has all those lovely little honeycomb balls and paper fans in gorgeous colors.  The site is super easy to search and you can sort by color.  The prices are great...and sell by the dozen.

HONEYCOMB SHEETS? They sell honeycomb tissue paper pads that you cut your design out of and then open to create a 3D thing of awesomeness...I'm seeing cupcake toppers dance in my head. My lovely DIY darlings...ready, set, GO! Let's see how awesome we can make this stuff.

*vintage photo frame: BESOTTED BRAND BLOG

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  1. Aren't those honeycomb decorations just so festive in a sweet kind of way? Love them. :-)