Monday, August 16, 2010

Harry's Half Birthday Party

Baby Harry is turning 6 months old.  I always wanted to throw my boys a half birthday party, but being a new mommy, extra time was hard to come by.  So, as random surprise goodie for my sis-n-law, I thought I would make a party kit for her.  Ready to hang garland, precut letters, bday invites with matching paperies (straws, cups from HeyYoYo), precut fondant 1/2 logo to stick on half a cake, be it store bought or fanagled out of Grandma Bub. I am also including a coupon for her favorite cupcake bakery Trophy Cupcakes (gosh I could live in that store...) To make it super easy, I did mock up party pics so she can just take it out of the box, add some baked goods and snacks from her local grocer and voila! Instant party.  Perfect for family and friends to taste while canoodleing with Harry.  My little guy starts preschool at the end of August, so we can't sneak away for vacation.  Phooey. Oh well, ship it baby!

Below are some of my homemade cupcakes, I am personally quite proud of the cupcake swirl on top.   I finally got the right icing tip (Ateco 845) and used mini cupcakes (way easier to decorate.)

The inspiration for the color scheme and background garland was a birthday card from Rifle Paper Co.Using helvetica 4" stencils, I traced and cut out Harry's name and glued each letter to lollipop sticks.
A little bit of healthy snacks, some not so healthy snacks, and Ding Dongs cut in half to match the cake.

A few more little bits...including the little onesies for Harry to wear to the party (and some backups in case he gets into the cake)



  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to make a lot of moms figure out when the half birthdays are for this! :)

  2. This is fabulous!! Sooo cute. Great style. Wonderful reason to celebrate. In fact, I want to see what you do for 3/4! Just discovered your blog, and I'm so so so very pleased I did. Cheers!

  3. Beautiful! Your gorgeous vintage-esque party decor makes me want to throw my own cozy, welcoming celebration for my loved ones--tomorrow! (Hey... my birthday is coming up next month. Can I wait that long? Teehee!)

  4. Hi there I am a fellow BYW class member and thought I would say what a great blog you have here. I am all about party decorations at the moment especially all kinda bunting. Love the 1/2 year party pics. Lovely.

  5. This is darling! Lovey, love, love all the circles!