Thursday, June 30, 2011


Did that get your attention?  Whilst perusing, I found these lovely stands from SARAH'S STANDS. They are simple, large and strong enough for BIG tiered cakes,  coated in food safe paint, made in the USA, and just plain gorgeous.  Oh, and you can get them in ANY shade...did I say ANY?  Yes...yes, I did. Go see HERE.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hello lovelies, my favorite online bestie Sharon of CUPCAKES AND CUTLERY is here with a party inspiration board to die for.  I am always amazed at how cool this little california girl is.  Case and point, she emailed me these girls a few weeks back for her color inspiration...

...and this is what she comes up with for a party?  Seriously?  Can I come? Please?

When I asked Sharon about this party, this is what she said:
A while ago, I saw a contest on Facebook to win some yummy treats for a party.  But I didn't have any parties planned for summer.  So I thought about which of my friend's could use a party.  Hands down, it was Erika.  Without going in to details, she's had a rough year and I can't think of a better way to show her support then by having all her friend's come together to celebrate her summer birthday.  Well, I didn't win the contest.  BUT Erika still needs to be celebrated so I went in to full on party planning mode.  Planning a party for an adult can be tricky.  How do you incorporate decorations without it being too juvenile and cutesy? 

As I was reading Harper's Bazaar Magazine, I came across this photo which I knew instantly would be the perfect color palette.  I know we are seeing this palette pop up all over right now but it is just perfect for summer and Erika.  And so with these amazing colors I decided to focus mainly on a color theme for the party decor.  

And then when I came across the poster project by Shanna Murray on Oh Happy Day I knew that is what the party would be about.  A celebration of Erika's life and everything that she loves and reminds us of her.  

I put the board together to keep me on track and give me visible inspiration.  

To play up the colors, I have purchased ribbons and trims in these three colors to drape as easy garlands around the party. Throw in some large balloons, a sign or two and those are the main components.  Totally easy but with a big visual impact.  Aside from those easy decor ideas, there will be little vignette's around the party with all of the things that remind us or represent Erika.  Of course they will incorporate the colors too but this is the fun part where we totally get to personalize the party.  

I can't wait to see what this talented lady comes up with for the party.  I've only seen little snippets and I am so excited.  What's even better, there is a little goodie that we'll share at the unveiling that *might* involve FREE Printies...ok, it does.  I can't keep a secret worth beans. So, maybe have a popping hot July 4th party this weekend, or a neon bright shower...either way, enjoy!  Thanks , Sharon! xo

So glad you were born poster:  By Shanna Murray via Oh Happy Day
Photo by Studio D in Harper's Bazaar 
{Inspiration Board} 
Pink Sandals:  Free People via Pinterest / Yellow Balloon:  My Party Planner  / Pink Garland:  Short Cake via Pinterest / Gold Outfit:  Seesaw Designs via Pinterest / You Make Me Feel Like Dancing:  Rachel Castle via That's Happy / Neutral Garlands:  Sweet Monday Photography via Somewhere Splendid / Necklaces:  Leif Shop via Fabulous K / Neon Balloons:  Rainblow G via Pinterest / Jesi Haack Awesome Table:  Gabriel Ryan via Jesi Haack / Neutral Pennants:  Go Against the Grain / Pink Frame:  Deep Heart via Pinterest / Yellow Pencils:  Stubby Pencil Studio / Ropes:  Leslie Williamson via Bonnie Tsang via Pinterest / Bottles and Signs:  SarahQ Happy Booths via Pinterest / Pink Ribbon:  Kelly Oshiro Events via Pinterest / Yellow Cupcakes:  Love Inc. via Pinterest / Yellow Trophy:  Alice Supply Company / Yellow Nails:  Wear Color via Pinterest / Yellow Pinwheel:  Enjoy Events Co. / Kraft and Pink Presents / Pink and Yellow stripes:  Print and Pattern 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Good Morning! Need a little inspiration for that BBQ this weekend? Go get my PRINTABLES over on THE SWEETEST OCCASION and put some spark in your step.  Did I mention these are FREEBIES?  Even better, right?  Have fun!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Happy FONT FRIDAY!  Don't forget to check out my fellow fontophiles and follow #FONTFRIDAY on  Twitter!


A BIG Welcome to new Font Friday friend, VICKI of CURLY WILLOW DIY.

Before I list my font pick for you today, I thought I'd include a little glimpse into YARD SALE mania.  As you know, because I've told you a bazillion times, we just moved. Our new house has incredible storage, which I intend to utilize to the fullest extent.  So, for the benefit to some lucky folks in the Seattle area, it means a bunch of goodies for cheap.  Here's my flyer, which I will be printing on hot pink and neon orange signage. I am experimenting with the idea that it's not your typical garage sale.
I hope it brings a lot of people who don't typically stop at garage sales on their way to do errands.  People like me, always on the lookout for the "good stuff."  We'll see.  I might just get bored and jump ship at noon...
Here's a run down of fonts used: {in order of appearance}

My font friday pick didn't make the cut even though it is super cool.  {get it? super...}

SUPERPOIS by studiocharlie over on MyFonts is just perfect.  I had to think about a chance of intermittent showers in the forecast and chose not to include it.  I favored bold and easy to read for the flyer.  

On invitations or banners though, wouldn't this just be perfect?  I love the shape of the letters, very clean and modern.  In perfect little round dots, saving anyone the heartache of creating these from scratch.  I've loved LEARNING CURVE and PRINT CLEARLY, both available in dashed versions,  for a long time, so SUPERPOIS will be a welcome addition to my font roll. studiocharlie has quite a few SUPER-fonts, so be sure to go check them out!

Oh- if you'd like to have a similar yard's the PDF to download HERE.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I found it!  So, I created a little DIY for THE SWEETEST OCCASION that involves lots and lots of glitter. I ended up using Martha's glitter because it has a very pretty champagne shade to it that resembles german glitter.  I was over perusing BHLDN's decor section and saw this...REAL glass glitter.  Isn't it pretty?  This would be the perfect glitter to use on the an ombre with the magenta version.  Either way, add a little bit of sparkle to your next fete and try out my DIY here.

I know this next statement is like 99% impossible...but...did you know what BHLDN is?  If you love Anthropologie, this is their "wedding" store.  I put quotes around the word because really the decor is perfect for any party you can dream of.  The prices are reasonable (on some things) and the selection is pristine...and they have the most gorgeous shades of colors available.  Striking.  I love the green.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello Sweets! Happy VERY first day of Summer! How have you all been?  Did you miss me?  I missed you guys.  As you can see, I've been doing a bit of housekeeping...just a little nip and tuck, really.  It's a bit bold, I'll be the first to admit, so it's certainly not a permanent thing.  But it is a bit of fun for summer and if you can't play in the summertime...well, what fun is that?  Despite having a move ::ahem:: that lasted a bit longer than was originally planned, we have been running around the backyard with grass, beautiful grass between our toes.  So, in celebration for summer, I plan on having a series for FUSS FREE FETES.  A bunch of little easy things for those spontaneous parties that pop up when the sun warms our souls.

Fuss Free Fete TIP#1
Homemade.  Make at least one thing handmade. Keep it simple.  Every Friday at our house is 'pizza movie night'  I wanted the boys to have something special that we will keep up with as they get older.  Yeah, it could have been a big Sunday dinner, but I will admit, I can't cook.  Huge, organized, get the food hot and ready on the table at the same time is not the type of mother I am. *I have done it two years running for Thanksgiving though...yay, me!  I'm working on it. So, let's be realistic. If we have a hectic week, we will ALWAYS be able to order pizza. I am not a complete sell out...we do make homemade pizza quite often. But my longwinded point is...make SOMETHING...ANYTHING...handmade.  Make it something easy.  Pizza is quite easy, but my inlaws were joining us, so homemade pizza would have been an undertaking.  I just moved people!!

So, I made a cake.  Yep.  Just the cake.  I bought the ready made frosting, baked a cake, put it on a pretty cake stand, voila.  Faster than waiting around, with hungry people, as you cook one pizza at a time.  Mess that was gone BEFORE the guests arrived.  And me...unfrazzled...smiling and loving the "ooohhh, homemade??" comments as they rolled in. Why yes, yes it is.  Just a little something special just for my special people.  Chances are people aren't going to remember everything you by just making one simple thing special...I guarantee they will remember it.  Isn't that the point? Making warm fuzzies?

Other easy ideas for homemade? Well, you will just have to wait.  Welcome back!