Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mini white chocolate cupcakes

I love finding pretty cakestands. Yet another obsession of mine.  My collection is right about 15 (disclaimer - four are just individual cupcake stands.) I have found more...and they are darling. But first, a snack...

mini white chocolate cupcakes (adapted recipe from cupcakes by Shelly Kuldunski)

1 ¼ cups cake flour
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
¾ cup sugar
4 tbsp unsalted butter, room temperature
1 large egg, room temperature
½ cup 1% milk (recipe recommends whole milk)
3 oz white chocolate chopped (plus extra for snacking)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a mini muffin pan with cute little paper liners.

In a bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.

In the mixer, blend butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add egg, mix well. Add flour mixture in 3 parts, alternating with milk. Mix until combined, scraping down sides as necessary. Add chocolate and mix until combined.

Scoop into paper liners about 2/3 full. I used a small cookie scoop, way easier (thank you Ina!)

Bake for about 15 mins. Cool and enjoy! YUM!

Makes about 30 mini cupcakes (or 12 regular sized)

Sneak peek for the cakestand roundup...

Yes, it is made of candy.  Found this at Fancy Flours, but sadly, no longer available.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I heart dots...stripes...and checks...part 3 of 3

As you may know…I love plain and simple patterns. Polka dots, stripes and checks, oh my. Hello, and welcome to the end of my patterned party pretties series. The third and final pattern goody is the polka dot. The happy little dot that loves an organized party; prim, proper and punctuated.

My heart (and the party planning world) is all a buzz for pinwheels. My heart fluttered when I saw these lovely little butterflies. I can’t decide if these or the paint chip palette minis are my favorite. Perfect on string, in a nursery or pinned to an inspiration board. Lovely origami butterflies by laylaloustudio

Technically these are polka dots, but better. An abstract pattern with pretty little circles dancing in the air. Two of these flanking the cupcake pedestal on a dessert table at a shower? Yes, please. White circles chandelier mobile by Lil Sprout Creations

Polka dots at their finest. Simple, modern, and plain yet super awesome. Modern dot notes by Ruby Press

I have been trying to convince the hubby to go see her new brick and mortar store. Not working. Okay, it would take a road trip, but you only live once right? Cupcake darling strikes again…I told you she has EVERYTHING! Oh… and one of the suggestions for using these, is to make Jell-o in it. Have you eaten Jell-o lately? It’s delicious! It must be eaten with cool whip (yes, you could use whipped cream, but chemically goodness is a perfect pairing) YUM! Cotton candy polka dot baking cups at Bake it Pretty

King or queen for the day. Make your little one a cute crown, easy peasy. My guys would probably wear these to the grocery store. Silly? Maybe, but I’d bet they get a free cookie out of it…sounds kinda smart to me. Polkadot crown kit at Paper Source

I love these cute nontraditional toppers for cupcakes. Can you imagine a cupcake platter topped with the little dotted umbrellas for a baby shower? Such a plain take in a literal way. LOVE! Party summer umbrellas cake toppers by Martice Supplies

Pretty little traditional polka dots. Perfect for favors, cookies, you name it. Polkadot bags by LemonTree

Friday, July 23, 2010

Black Friday Mini Post

Well, okay it is July. But I love this roundup of black party goodies and it IS Friday. So there. 
I am not sure where the week has gone to, but happy weekend to you all! Enjoy!
Eat poster by Roll & Tumble Press. It comes with "drink". It’s just very cool and I want it in my kitchen.

Rosanna Rococco Noir serveware. Teapot, check. Small pedestal, check. Large pedestal, check. Now I am eyeing the sugar and creamer.

Record letterpress coaster by Parrott Design Studio We have a record collection and a you?

Here’s the little black dress of bunting. Black Bunting by asiaguzik

 Very fluffy, makes me just want to touch 'em. Multi gray fabric garland by PaulaProduct

The color makes the doilie very Black doilies at Bake It Pretty

and last but not least a happy ending to a crazy week...Family rules sign by SignsofVintage

Monday, July 19, 2010

I heart stripes...dots...and checks...part 2 of 3

I love plain and simple patterns. Polka dots and stripes and checks, oh my. Hello, and welcome to part two of my patterned party pretties series. I found this little guy on the front page last week, and fell in love with him. Therefore, our topic today will be checks, gingham, plaids, you name it. Isn’t he adorable? I also love anything with the name Henry. (hmmmm…wonder why???) I am doing new photos for my shop soon, and I am working really hard to find a way to incorporate this little guy into the shots. Maybe he should just sit on my shelf next to my doxie bookends…Henry by Fernanimals.

Most everything found for today is gingham. I have a special place in my heart for Tartan, but I just can’t bring myself to post about luscious wools when its 102 outside. Call me crazy. Just wait until fall and I’ll have so many pretties posted you’ll be seeing plaid!!!

Stunning outdoor wedding? Add a smidge of gingham for the groom. I don’t know where she found these lovely vintage gingham leaves, but I have a new love for vintage wares (as if the list wasn’t long enough already.) The color combinations in her delicates are beyond lovely. and perfect. I think you could base a whole wedding around one. Country mouse pussywillow boutonniere by the French Mouse.

Here is some lovely gingham for the ladies. I would wear these every single day. There is something about gorgeous, large and fun earrings that has me absolutely mad lately. Floral Mum earbuds by Stella James Designs

When I did my sister in-law’s baby shower earlier this year I had Grandma-to-be make jam favors in itty bitty jars. I made my own printable for the tops, but I must admit they were not nearly as cute as these. Gingham labels by Lelo.

What party couldn’t use a pretty bunting? I am partial to the raw edges on these. I love a little disorderly conduct in sewing when it’s executed on purpose. I just think it’s prettier. Preppy Navy and Pink Gingham Bunting by justpretty.

This fabulous one stop shop was here last week.  Haven't been there yet.  Put this gorgeous little dear in your favorites, like today. Pretty in plaid baking cups at Bake It Pretty

Favors? Baked goodies? I love this set that comes in three sizes. Love the plain black and white. Gingham paper bags by CakeWithLove

These little lovelies are just plain awesome.  I love labels that I can change over and over.  That means I can use them over and over for anything I want...yay! Gingham chalkboard labels by Bradens Grace

This company does oodles of party printables, even candle wraps. This is by far my fave colorway.  Gingham printable box by ThePoshEvent

Hold on - don't go just yet... Are you using clear cellophane bags? Mix and match these to add a touch of pattern to an all white affair. Cute twist ties by marchare

Friday, July 16, 2010

sweet treats for your weekend

I can't post what I had planned for today.  I will post it next week.  Why???... life gets interrupted for the cutest thing ever. I saw these and said “holy cannoli, that is CUUUUTTTEEE” (the two year old looks at me with concern for mommy squealing at the computer.) I was cruising Etsy as I always do searching simple and vague words for my search while finishing up the scheduled post of black and white party lovelies. I searched black + twine. It was destiny I say, pure destiny.

I kept clicking. They kept coming.

I couldn’t stop. So. Darn. Cute. These make me want to eat them.

Well, you can’t. No, I didn’t buy them all. Oh, well I forgot to mention…ITS SOAP!!!

I KNOW!!! LOVE!!! What a perfect favor…thank you…thing for that hostess gift stockpile…or just sitting looking pretty on my kitchen counter. These sweet darlings are from KcSoapsNMore.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

better than bunting

I have an obsession. It’s garland. What – you knew that already??? You didn’t, okay then, now you do. I am always flitting around finding lovelies to share. If I can’t have a bazillion of them, at least I can help someone find the perfect one. But today isn’t about that. Today is all about amazing goodies that are anything but garland…
Send a mini garland via the postman (or postlady in my case) How adorable and super teeny is this mini message by frenchtoastfriday?

Make your own lovely cards and stationary with this perfect little bunting stamp by olive manna.

 Waking up to bunting? Yes, please. A lovely start to a lovely day. Handpainted Happy.Lovely mug with lovely little flags of sweet sentiment from indobaytextiles

This new line of fabrics (Castle Peeps) by the famous Lizzie House is awesome. Modern renaissance birthday party, anyone? The colorways are fab! And yes, I am debating on making bunting out of this bunting fabric. Castle Peeps in Flags by Lizzie House (at Whipstitch Fabrics)

She found the perfect use for those little bits of fabrics left over. Loving this eco-friendly shopping tote, need I say more? Reusable organic fair trade cotton tote bag with a splash of bunting by thegreengables.

This I adore. ADORE! How pretty would this be in a…well any room? Pretty party pennants painting (say that three times fast…) by heatherfuture.

P.S. I COULD NOT RESIST THIS POST- make your own bunting roller stamp over on Skip To My Lou blog.  Just popped up today! I adore this and her lovely blog.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Word, Letters or Numbers mini party post

Need to number, sort or alphabetize something at your next party? Well then, here you go...

abc papercups at fort&field

number push pins at fort&field

alphabet toppers at goldylocks

thought sticks by lindenlovebirds

measure up bag from paper source

letterpress number coasters at redbirdink

 alphabet garland box by chronicle books

Monday, July 12, 2010

I heart stripes...dots...and checks...part 1 of 3

I heart stripes.I love plain and simple patterns. Polka dots and stripes and checks, oh my. So, begins my three week series on the simple life. Plain little party pretties to accent any fete. Stripes are the flavor of the day.  If you are accenting your party with hints of stripes or totally striping it all out, how is this for the perfect hostess…striking in stripes.  Above dress is from Ouma on Etsy.  (Engagement session photographed by Bryan Jean

I love plain bold stripes with white in the middle, be they skinny or large. Carnival stripes, clown stripes, ticking stripes…I even have a personal goal of painting a bathroom someday with big fat stripes and having a backyard with those luxe black and white striped canopy umbrellas.  I have seen these cute little cups around the blogosphere, in gorgeous little parties, most notably on Ms. Amy Atlas’ gorgeous blog I had to find them. I did find them, at Ikea no less. Go figure. Super cute, super cheap, does it get any better?

Oh yeah, and the matching plates. Yippee.
I adore bunting, in case you were still wondering about that. Here is a very simple yet bold rendition of a stripe. I love(d) this pattern. I love(d) this garland. Vintage modern geometric bunting by OliveSomeday on Etsy. Phooey, it sold as I was writing this! Check out her other garlands & pretties...

Ms. Erin Vale I love you and your awesome talent. I use your “Freakin’ Never Ending To-Do List” phrase all the time. I love these DIY seed packets. I have them bookmarked for inspiration for a party color scheme, pretty bold stripes in pretty color combinations. LOVE! Ms. Erin please make these into your awesome party box patterns! PLEASE!!! DIY seed packets from Finch & Hawk paper goods.

 I just found the fabulous fort&field last week and their supply of striped party goodies solidified this post. They have many color options available. Simple, plain, and oh so easy to coordinate with any type of party. Hello shindig…here I come. Candy anyone? Little candy bags in stripes.


I love paper straws and soon to be in gray, sigh…swoon. HeyYoYo on Etsy pre-order the grey paper straws. woo hoo.

Check out this handmade striped table runner. It can be customized by color and is painted by hand. So pretty! A fabulous fete. Lovely little shop. Killer little blog. Heart. Heart. Heart. (her and her little dog too…) P.S. her chevron party tray was just InStyle Magazine - way to go darling!!!

Sugar craving? Who else better to go see than Bake It Pretty? The most delightful party shop on the web, has cupcake d├ęcor for all three weeks in my series. How awesome and amazing is that? She has everything a girl could need to pretty her up some baked goods. For this week…striped party cups. You can even bake right in them! I love that, YAY!

And so ends our stripey obsession for the day.  This week will have mini posts with more stripe-ity goodness.  Next week, hmmm polka dots or checks???  I will have to flip a coin.