Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Henry's First Day at Preschool Party

I did not cry. I welled up a little driving to school.  But... I did not cry.  I really wanted to after we arrived to the classroom and  it turned out Daddy + Mommy were the ones begging for goodbye hugs.  Henry, was raring to go. So, after hugs, we drove home, one carseat empty.

The Hubby left to go to work and Hunter and I whipped out some printables. We printed them in 5 minutes.  I drew them up over breakfast this morning, it took like10 minutes tops. Simple text. a star shape, all in PowerPoint.  Easy Peasy. A printable for the banner, printed in alternating blues, and two stars for the snack table and for Henry to wear. I also printed out "A is for Awesome Afternoon, B is for Brand New School, C is for Cool New Friends" but I didn't end up using it.

Then, we melted some butter and set to work on making cookies. Little box mix cookies as requested by the Honoree this weekend while shopping.  We make our own cookies about 99% of the time so these were a real treat, he didn't know when we were making them. Since I had 2 hours and 20 mins until I had to go back to pick him up, I was so greatful I had said yes to them. 5 mins later, in the oven baking.

While the cookies baked, I made the celery and carrot sticks.  A few extra for good measure, done. 12 mins. Second batch of cookies, I cut two blueberry bagels in quarters and then thinly sliced. Arranged on a pan, drizzled a little melted butter and sprinkled some sugar on top (Thank you Food Network Magazine snack insert.)  Popped in the oven right after the cookies came out. 12 mins.  

Ironed some cotton muslin (yes, I love it, I have a bolt of it and yes, I use it for everything!) and then back to the kitchen to flip the bagel chips over, more butter and sugar, and back in the oven.  10 mins.

Cut out fancy star for snack table label and badge. 5 mins.

I cut the yard of fabric into 3" by 10" rectangles with my trusty pinking shears. I cut out each letter from the transfer and ironed them on the garland. Then I ran some muslin colored twill tape through the machine and attached each letter flag with a zig zag stitch.  I folded each rectangle in half first and then slid the fabric around the twill tape. I sewed throughout the length of the garland to have one continous stitch line. This saves a ton of time over stopping and starting at each flag.  There is less to trim in the end, also.

The garland took a little more than an hour or so.  In the grand plan of reusing my garlands (notice the Father's Day chain garland above, too,) I can use this banner for any number of events. Next year, I will make a "SCHOOL" to replace "PRESCHOOL" for next year's back to school party.  Also, if I make a "BIRTHDAY" and pair it with "HAPPY" I just covered another event. Easy Peasy. 

When I finished the garland, I had 15 mins to spare before I had to leave and pick Henry up.  Popped a mini bag of popcorn in the microwave, set out some plates, arranged the snacks, added a cake plate of cookies, hung the garlands with tacks. Voila.  Got to school early.  Brought the Honoree home and he smiled BIG.  We decorated the cookies with the icing we bought for it & sprinkles.  I saved this task because the boys love this most of all.

Mission Accomplished! Party ready in 2.5 hours. It could have been fancier. It could not have been more special.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Daily Doily

I know my posts have been few and far between dearies! I have a laundry list of excuses...it was my 8th wedding anniversary last week, I have sewn so much garland for Sept that I actually had to stop to let the machine cool off, and today is my first ever school day since Henry starts preschool. My little baby is going to school! Luckily, I'm throwing a miniparty for the four of us, all of which will be done in 4 hours. Really. I will show you how to do it, too.  I haven't done anything but plan.  I was being especially frugal and wanted to use what we have.  Being able to throw a party together in an afternoon is a good skill set to have, I figure I should start practicing in case he wins a school election or spelling bee later on.

But I will show you a little piece of lovely that I want to add to my collection.  I bought these wood coasters by Uncommon some time ago.  Now I want these. 

Aren't these little rubber doilies adorable?  I love that they come in black, (and pink and green) too. 
Lace Coasters at Gretel

Monday, August 23, 2010

Awesome Alphabet Mini Post

School has started or is about to begin.  I am in the midst of planning a "first day at school" bash for my oldest, who starts preschool next Monday...EEEEEEK! Henry's ready, but me, not so sure...

Here's a quickie post for some inspirational alphabets around the web...
(Above) Vintage Flash Card Banner by handmadebyannepotter

A is for one word Flashcards by prettylittlestudio

Alphabet fridge magnets by lgarrido

Sukie Alphabet Wrapping Paper at Paper Source

ABC Color Creations Crayons by ducksinarow

Sillycone Alphabet Molds (found Via One Charming Party)
Animal Alphabet Flashcard Set at Land of Nod

P.S. LOVELY GOODIES TO PRINT!!! Free Dot to Dot ABC print and colour sheets by Mrs Booth

Thursday, August 19, 2010

GIVEAWAY on 30days

Have you heard? This week is an incredible giveaway extravaganza over on 30days! I say extravaganza because, well, Mique has over 20 giveaways lined up this week. I tell you this because free stuff is awesome!! Here at Hank + Hunt, you know I love a good giveaway...and yes...I am in it. Today.

Yippee!  I love giving presents, and this is my way to give more. The lucky winner will recieve her (or his) color choice of 3 Fancy garlands. Look up.  Yep, the garland in the banner. THREE of them, in fact. You can choose cream, white, or any combination of the two!

So go see Mique TODAY and enter to win some fancy garlands...and a ton of other fantastic swag!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Bunting...Hunting for Bunting...Wide World of Bunting...

I’m feeling fun and colorful today. What a wonderful week. My shop is up and running with goodies still to come. We’re gonna have some lovely packages available soon! I promise. Happy days!

That little garland up there, well, I have a new type of garland up in the shop...FRINGE.
 I figured I must not be the only one with new designs around and  it has been a while,so off I went to my favorite mall...Etsy.  Well, not technically a mall, it is a shopping center of handmade lovelies, and I could browse for hours...and its the first place I go when looking for a present or party goodie. 







Monday, August 16, 2010

Harry's Half Birthday Party

Baby Harry is turning 6 months old.  I always wanted to throw my boys a half birthday party, but being a new mommy, extra time was hard to come by.  So, as random surprise goodie for my sis-n-law, I thought I would make a party kit for her.  Ready to hang garland, precut letters, bday invites with matching paperies (straws, cups from HeyYoYo), precut fondant 1/2 logo to stick on half a cake, be it store bought or fanagled out of Grandma Bub. I am also including a coupon for her favorite cupcake bakery Trophy Cupcakes (gosh I could live in that store...) To make it super easy, I did mock up party pics so she can just take it out of the box, add some baked goods and snacks from her local grocer and voila! Instant party.  Perfect for family and friends to taste while canoodleing with Harry.  My little guy starts preschool at the end of August, so we can't sneak away for vacation.  Phooey. Oh well, ship it baby!

Below are some of my homemade cupcakes, I am personally quite proud of the cupcake swirl on top.   I finally got the right icing tip (Ateco 845) and used mini cupcakes (way easier to decorate.)

The inspiration for the color scheme and background garland was a birthday card from Rifle Paper Co.Using helvetica 4" stencils, I traced and cut out Harry's name and glued each letter to lollipop sticks.
A little bit of healthy snacks, some not so healthy snacks, and Ding Dongs cut in half to match the cake.

A few more little bits...including the little onesies for Harry to wear to the party (and some backups in case he gets into the cake)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

and the winner is...

Our first ever winner on our first ever giveaway on the blog is lucky number comment 15 (by courtesy of random.org) Yay Laurel! She makes the cutest printables and has been featured on the blog before. Check out her shop GoAgainsttheGrain here. Your goodies will ship out tomorrow! This was super fun! Stay tuned because there are a couple more giveaways for Hank + Hunt garland coming up soon around the blogosphere!
Yippee for free stuff!!!

image credit theDADproject "7. when owls celebrate"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Monday and Half Birthday Party

All this flitting around the internet looking for party supplies had me longing for a party. Alas, the next birthday is months away, but there is a little man named Harry who will be turning the ripe old age of 6 months shortly.  When my minimen were little, I thought of celebrating six months, but as a new mom and then a mom of a toddler and a newbie, I had no time or energy to bake, let alone throw a party.  So this will be perfect, Auntie A - close your eyes, its gonna be a surprise.  I am finishing up on the details for "Happy Half Birthday Harry", and boy is it gonna be cute.  Since this isn't a full blown birthday, just a fun moment to remember in baby's life, it will be simple and easy.  Just a reason for the family to get together and enjoy Harry together. 

I want to show you how you can throw something cute together in an instant.  Honestly, everything started less than a week ago. With this lovely from Rifle Paper Co.

Add a few colored party goodies from HeyYoYo

More ideas, just a little play on the half theme.

The 1/2 pic above is going on the cake and a onesie. We'll have a cute dot backdrop in the card colors.

Since Harry just started his delicious adventure with purees, the food is for the grown ups. We'll serve mini cupcakes, half sandwiches, madelines half dipped in chocolate, apple slices and the cake.  I am taking half of a two layer round cake and setting it on its side,  like a rainbow shape.

OK. That's all the hints for now. Preview is over, I've said too much. Party to come soon.
Don't forget to enter to win my 100th post goodies! Remember you get to leave a comment for each of the four ways to win.  COMMENT = ENTRY TO WIN

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cakestand Extravaganza...the finale, a giveaway and THE 100TH POST!

Hi - I know you are thinking, "how could she possibly have any more cakestands?" Well, I do.  And if you wonder if I am tired of them yet.  Nope, not in the slightest.  I have an affinity towards metal.  So here is the final roundup, for now... (pssst...read all the way to the end for the giveaway...)

I just love the vintage look of the decorating cake stand.  Classic.  Simple. and I wouldn't have to transfer the cake to the plate, saving the cake from doom...Ateco 12" cake stand Williams Sonoma

Metal cake stand Sur la Table

 Cake stand square at Fishs Eddy
Cake stand 2 tier server dotcomgiftshop
Galvanized cake stand farmhouse wares
Since this my 100th post.  Yay! Happy 100 to me...I wanted to do something special.  A giveaway!! Yep, the first ever, here.  Now, I couldn't decide whether to do a book, a cake stand, or some of my little garlands.  I am terrible making decisions like this for goodies, so lets do ALL THREE! Yep, all three.  A party pack, you could say.
Here are the goodies:
One of my favorite books:  The Best Bake Sale Ever Cookbook  by Barbara Grunes, so you can make some yummy treats...
...that you will display on this shiny new darling tiered cake stand (from Sur la Table)
No party is complete without a little garland...mine of course! One Fancy garland, 3" wide, extra fluffy, in unbleached muslin (a Hank + Hunt fave), for hanging. TA DA - instant party! (also pictured in the blog banner above)

To enter -  you get one entry for each of the following:
1. Just leave a comment to say hi and what you'd like to see more of on the blog.
2. Follow me on Twitter and leave me a comment saying you did so.
3. Twitter about this using #hankandhuntgiveaway and leave a comment...
4. Follow this here blog (please!) or let me know you already do, yep, one last comment.
That's four chances to win! So what are you waiting for? it's free stuff people!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cakestand Extravaganza Ultimate Wishlist

These darlings today are gorgeous, fantastic, drool-worthy.  I wish they were mine. Alas...they are incredibly indulgent, and I do think my hubby would kill me if I bought them. 

First up is the fabulous Clara French.  I think these are my favorite cake plates ever.  I have yet to see anything remotely comparable. If you have never seen these two sister's work (where have you been? These girls have been everywhere in the blog world), go NOW to their site.  It's like walking into a french boutique or heaven.  A-D-O-R-E.  How they get the incredible drips off the side I will never know.  But they are perfect, and owning one is right up there on the lovely goals list, next to meeting Martha.  I sigh out loud when I see these.  But I did learn that you can rent them, and they ship.  Luckily for me, my inlaws are in Seattle, so for the next family party, I am so renting one (which I can pick up at the studio and save a bundle in shipping.)

Have you seen the site Origin Crafts? They have tons of entertaining wares.  TONS.  Here are some that I would love to have on my marble island in my all white kitchen, holding my morning muffins.  Ahhh.  Dreaming again...

Now, how about some lovelies from Etsy?  Yes, well, since you asked so nicely...

Dogwood cake stand by WhitneySmith

English countryside vintage 3 tier cupcake stand PinkBurlesque

Tree slice cake stand by jessedirk

Medium wave cake stand by vesselsandwares

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cakestand Extravaganza Cupcake Edition

Itty bitty bites of heaven.  Small bits of happiness.  I heart cupcakes.  So lets celebrate proper displays.  Yes, the first option is just to cluster them on a plain, regular cupcake stand. Probably the best option for parties.  But what if I ran into the cupcakery to grab a few or even just a single, icing topped minicake of perfection?  Does this not deserve the same attention to detail as its larger brethren? Do you leave that poor dear in a box? Although, most of my single cupcake purchases never make it to the car...if they, by some miracle, make it home, surely I would display it in prestigious manners such as these:

(Above cupcake tray by clayswan)

These babies are on their way to my house, but don't worry, she has more.  I picture a minicupcake in all its teeny glory...Set of 2 Miniature Ceramic Plates by MiniatureSweet

Cupcake plate by Michelle Miller at Cakespy (found via Dirty Laundry) The next trip to Seattle to visit the inlaws and these will be mine...

Cupcake stands, set of 6 by farmhouse wares and yes, I have these, too.

What about a sherbet dish, put the cupcake in the bowl or flip it over.  How cheerful are these colors?
Set of 4 1950's Sherbet Dishes by merchantofkismet

Tiny cake stand by vesselsandwares

Fluted and blue cupcake dessert by E Isabella Designs

Felt cupcake stand sweetiepiebakery

Cupcake Pedestal by lurearts