Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inspiration Board Contest - Win a LOCKHEART bag!!

My blogging BFF, aka Sharon, over on Cupcakes and Cutlery, is having the coolest contest and giveaway.  Enter here and get this...a LOCKHEART bag!

You could WIN it! Every girl needs a new purse right now...I know I'm not the only one who doesn't get one, in lieu of saving for the upcoming holiday season.  But you could win one.  FOR FREE! All you have to
do is send over an inspiration board based on this fabulous purse (retail $465) and you've got a brand new purse for an hour or two worth of work (let's face it, inspiration boards are fun, not much work goin on).

How do I make a board? I will give you an easy hint... I would use Picasa.  It's free and you put all of your gathered pics in the same folder (be sure to include the bag!) and click Mosaic.  It makes the board for you.  Then you just click them around and voila! Create, save, email, done.  Sharon has some other helpful options for you to use, too.  We want you to enter.   I say we...because I am one of the lucky ones that gets to help narrow down the choices for the judges.  I am super excited! But I'll tell you a secret...I just about kicked myself when I told Sharon I'd love to help with it (meaning: I don't get to enter or win)

But wait...there's more!!! You could win another awesome prize package (with minimal effort on your part)...trust me...AWESOME!!!...but you have to go check out the rules to find out how.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Easy Halloween Table

My boys and I threw this little orange and black table together on Friday before the hubs got home.  In our house, every Friday is pizza and movie night.  I know my mini-men are still little, but traditions start somewhere right?

This was easy.  I used what I had for decor and we ran to Target for snacks (orange soda, oreos, cupcake mix, lollipops, licorice, cheetos, almonds, and orange slices.)

The banner was precut and ready to assemble at the Party 101 class I took at the Art Weekend in Salt Lake City, hosted by none other than the fabulous Brittany of One Charming Party.   A little secret...I was so slow making it, my brother started wondering what was taking me so long. Brittany helped me finish it up and even gave me an extra cupcake to sweeten up my brother and his friend from being mad that I was super late. She was super nice and funny.  She offered loads of helpful tips for party planning, if you ever get the chance to go to one of her classes - do!

In her class, she had the cutest simple white cake with cut marshmallows around the top and bottom.   I baked a cake from box mix (apparently is so rare for me that my hubby even commented on it) and iced it with a container of frosting. Around the bottom I lined up candy corn.  Festive and easy with no mess. Add sprinkles to cover the slightly less than even icing, stick a pick in it and done.



**You might notice the main backdrop looks similar to my zombie party.  It is.  We kept it up as wall decor for the Halloween season!**

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Happy WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY! This week is short and sweet. Today's treat is this little lovely Wishing Tree I found at hello hanna. I'm in love with the whole idea of wishing and think this pretty tree would be perfect at an upcoming baby shower.

I just love these little wishing birds, too.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Inspiration over at Go Against the Grain

Two weeks ago, I was part of a fall inspiration shoot with Laurel of Go Against the Grain.  I was really excited to try out a new design for this.  I made some chair garlands for the rustic table.  These garlands are 3 inches wide and a very ruffled style, similar to the FANCY edition garland.  These chair garlands were made of chunky linen like muslin and had double ties of thick satin ribbon on each end so you can tie big bows.  I love how they turned out and will finally have these lovelies up in the shop this week. The chair garlands are 1.5 feet long, enough to let you have a little bit of a drape on the back of the chair. 

I am really excited about the rich colors in this tablescape and have been craving chocolate cake ever since.  Dying for the tree slice and I am loving the trend towards flags on cakes.

 I love the wrap around the beverage jar.  Doilies for fall? Yes, pretty please!

I love these for snacks.  Elevate the everyday snack to party perfection.

Pretty fall palette for favors and a dessert tier tower I am drooling over.  (Laurel sells them and I am so ordering one this week!)

A huge THANK YOU to LAUREL for letting H+H be apart of this shoot!
A super huge THANK YOU to PAPER DOLL PHOTOGRAPHY for the gorgeous photos!
and finally...a giant THANK YOU to my co-designers for all their lovely goodies!



**Be sure to check out more photos of the shoot and see the elegant table over on Laurel's blog!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooktacular Centerpiece from Meri Meri

Have you seen this little lovely?  I am in love with it and the little flying witch on the side! It's a paper centerpiece made by those geniuses over at Meri Meri.  I saw this haunted house in person at Williams Sonoma and I will tell you it is huge and incredibly adorable.  Just the right amount of "ppppooookkkeeeeee" as my youngest would say. 

Of course, it was long gone by the time I went back.  I went to Meri Meri, where it is sold out also.  I found last years version, and love the grey and the little tree, but can't find it for purchase.  I would search amazon marketplace and ebay.

A Happy Friday to all - I did find this year's version for you - and you better order soon, this baby is hard to find.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY - a fabulous fete

Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday! Have I got a fabulous treat for you, today's shop is a fabulous fete. I've had her goodies in quite a few of my roundups. Lauren is the incredible designer behind the fabulousness. Her blog is just as gorgeous.  I enjoy reading blogs where I can really feel the personality of the person behind it. shhhh...here's a secret...there are some blogs I don't read, I just look at the eye candy, but the ones I truly love, I read.  Because there's something in the content that is just as amazing. Dear a fabulous fete...I read you.  You had me at "I love to drink champagne because it makes me feel 'fancy'" xo, Jenny p.s. I love looking at all the pretty pictures, too.

A fabulous fete offers handmade party accoutrement in a party style I adore.  I am still searching for the perfect words to describe the aesthetic. So far, all I have is an equation:
(Vintage + Modern) Handmade - Kitch = fabulous, clean and timeless

I need to buy a dictionary so I can find the perfect words.  That tray above, was in InStyle this summer! What a lucky girl! So, she threw a party.  and it was gorgeous.

This store is the perfect mix of modern and vintage, where they strike a pretty balance.   I love flitting around her shop because she always has something new. 

At a fabulous fete you can find all the "handmade details to make your fete lovely" and then some.  How about these gorgeous little lovelies. Grey...nothing makes my party heart go pitter patter more.

A pretty little stand topped with a favorite something sweet, perfectly sized to let someone know you love them...even more special if it's for no other reason at all.

I love people who share their loveliness. On the blog, Lauren shares her amazing talent for event designs and gives tons of goodies and secrets away.  Seriously, some of the lovelies I was like "this is wonderful, I feel a little naughty for finding out how to do this"  I have added tons of things to my mile long to-do list (but they're fabulous so I don't mind one bit...) These beauties are made from shower curtain rings. really. I'm torn between telling everyone and having them oooh and ahhhh in amazement or letting them think I dropped a large sum of green over at Anthro, still getting ooohs and ahhhs over the sheer goreousness.  Hmmm...

As for DIY...this is what she did for her birthday...in her garage! I. Am. Stunned.

I could go on and on, (like about the fabulous finds she has hunted down, perfectly edited and shared) but I will get to the good stuff. Enter, the fabulous Lauren. Isn't she fab? She even looks fabulous.  Her she is with her sister in her garage.  If she could do that to a garage...what could she do to my living room. hmmm...Don't even get me started on her taste in shoes...

Go visit Lauren and have a peek into party fabulousness:

1.  I first found your Etsy shop while browsing party goodies and when I love everything in a shop, I always find their blog.  Your blog is beautiful, inspirational and shows to die for party ideas… What 3 things most inspire you?
my 3 biggest inspirations are:

- first, finding ways to use everyday items as party decor. for instance using old magazines, junk mail, or phone books for fun garland... i always love pretty party decor that costs nothing
- second, beautiful outdoor locations. i enjoy entertaining outdoors, and when i see a gorgeous field, beach, or whatever, i can't help but be inspired with different ways you can incorporate an event into the space.
- and third, "ordinary" patterns... let me explain:) like graph paper, library cards, paper from a lined yellow notepad. you know, things you use at school or in the office. it's so much fun to turn that stuff into a decoration! i could seriously spend hours browsing the aisle's at staples, i'm a nerd:)

2.  I think what makes a party special, is the special handmade touches that you can’t buy in a big box store. In your blog, you show readers how to create their own party goodies & decor, which makes an intimate and gorgeous setting, which many parties seem to lack these days ...what is your favorite thing to do?
my favorite thing to do for a party is come up with one special cocktail and display it beautifully w/ something yummy as garnish and a great cocktail flag. a special drink is always a fun thing for guests to try , and cocktail flags are just so much fun to customize to the theme of your party, i'm obsessed with them! i can't wait to come up with something spooky for halloween:)

3.  How/why did you start your shop?
my goal was (and still is!) to get into party planning. so i started putting together party "kits" or "packages". i ended up hand-making a lot of things that were going into my party kits... so... i started an etsy shop! the ideas came a lot easier for individual items, so i started focussing on really developing my etsy shop and it just kind of grew from there. i love doing custom work, and with party supplies you get a LOT of custom requests, especially for weddings.

i'm still working on putting together those kits, i'm just having a little too much fun making things for parties.

4.  You are a girl after my own heart, being mildly obsessed with all things party related.  I  LOVE your Etsy shop, and especially your killer prop styling skills. My favorite is the Candy Buffet sign, that fabulous hand painted FONT!  I want to have you label everything I own, what was your inspiration?
i started my candy buffet signs with the typical frame and printed sign and wanted to expand from there and come up with a new take on what everyone was already doing. i am really inspired by all of the calligraphy i see on wedding blogs and started practicing my own form of pretty writing. i love that you can't download my font and print up a quick sign... it's something unique only i can offer. every time someone purchases my painted candy buffet signs, it's really rewarding!


5. Tell us your FAVORITES…

COLOR?  pink of course :)

PARTY GOODIE/DECOR? i love love LOVE favors! they're so versatile, from a cute bag w/ candy, an adorable box with a surprise inside, or even a potted herb. i'm not sure if you noticed, but i'm pretty obsessed with miniature things, and usually favors have to be small, i think that's probably why i love them!

SECRET SOURCE FOR PARTY GOODIES? my super secret source- garage sales :) and... save-on-crafts! i love this site.

A big fabulous THANK YOU to Lauren of a fabulous fete for sharing your inspiration and your shop with us!

**All images found at afabulousfete.etsy.com and afabulousfete.blogspot.com**

Do you know an awesome shop that should be featured on WONDERFUL WEDNESDAYS? Well...tell me about it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular - VINTAGE

Hello lovelies! I apologize if you missed me, I was out of town at the Art Weekend run by Nicole's Classes. I was off learning the fabulous program known as Illustrator right there in Salt Lake City. My super hubby agreed to watch the boys, so I flew over to my brother's for the weekend. Who was teaching??? The Nicole's Classes team is incredible! More on my adventures later this week...I got to meet Brittany...eeek! The fabulous Alma Loveland was the Illustrator instructor and if you ever get the chance to take her course online (or in person) YOU MUST! It's an absolute have to. So put it on your list and here's Fridays post that I had put together, but hadn't uploaded yet.  Inspiraton board number 5 - VINTAGE is all about bringing a vintage feel to your halloween decor.



Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello! Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday! (say that three times fast) Our WONDERFUL shop feature is the lovely Loralee Lewis & Co. This shop has the most one of-a-kind invitations on the web that I have found. These invitations are beyond gorgeous and I can’t decide which ones I want. I am finding myself wanting to plan the entire party around these invitations. I am positive you have seen this party for her daughter Vienna. This alone makes me want to have a baby girl. Or maybe just have my own birthday party…


Loralee is a mom of three and has a personal blog for Loralee Lewis & Co. I love her tag line “Motherhood in High Heels, Stand a Little Taller” Next year I am definitely having a P.O.P. (parents only party.)

She is also one half of the lovely team on a lovely blog called No Fuss Fabulous, have you heard of it? Of course you have ‘cause it’s huge and gorgeous and AHHmazing. She has incredible parties, recipes and DIYs. A little lollipop centerpiece, yes please. Easy (no fuss) and fabulous…love that.

A little bit vintage and a lot amazing, Loralee Lewis & Co. stunned me one day as I was browsing Halloween invitations for my inspiration boards on Fridays. This is the one that first caught my eye.

Isn’t it fantastic? I love the green and black and the cool modern yet vintage feel. So chic. For me, modern means clean, with details chosen precisely, and vintage is all in the font and the graphics. It’s the coolest Halloween invitation I have ever seen. I love it.

In her shop Loralee Lewis & Co. on Etsy, you can find a wonderful selection of other Halloween lovelies.

Look at these fantastic labels.

Her Halloween collections are fabulous, but there is more…birthday invitations, shower invitations, and party accoutrement to match perfectly with your invites (which you have based your party around already, right?) I honestly can’t find the words to express how incredible I think these designs are. But just know they are so amazing they leave me speechless…really. I will let the designs speak for themselves.

Now for the fun part…Meet the lovely Loralee of Loralle Lewis & Co.

I already feel like I know her, her lovely blogs make you feel like you have a super stylish sister who’s gonna show you how to pull it together in five minutes. I stopped counting all the AH-HA moments I had. But here’s a little look into the wonderfully talented Loralee…

1. I am in love with your Etsy shop. What caught my eye was the beautiful attention to detail and the vintage flair. They are unlike any other party invitations I have ever seen. Don't even get me started on the blog...those parties. Everytime I see one, my eyes pop out. What 3 things most inspire you?

The three things that inspire me most are my three children: Ethan (4), Vienna(3), and Boston(1). They are my piece of Heaven here on Earth. They make every day fell crammed with Heaven. So every party I plan or invitation I create I try to bring a little piece of my heaven to it.

2. You are an incredibly talented with graphic design and parties, but on your blog I can tell you are a girl friday of domesticity...what is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing in the world is having my whole family in pajamas (chihuahuas included!) on my bed watching a Disney movie eating homemade pizza!

3. How/why did you start your shop?

I began my shop on a bit of a flook! An adorable woman had seen my Royal Alice in Wonderland invitation on my blog that I created for my daughter's second birthday and emailed me frantically to see if I would recreate them for her upcoming celebration, a 200+ guest even at the New York Botanical Gardens. That was the big push I needed. I overnighted her the invitations and I began selling my invitations and party accessories online!

4. I LOVE your Halloween collections, they are so wonderful so different from what is typically found for Halloween. What was your inspiration?

With my Halloween invites, I try to channel fun! I want the guest to receive something that makes them more than just a little excited to attend. In today's world, there are enough tough days! Celebrations are the twinkle and sparkle to the drab daily routine. My inspiration for all my invites is to bring a little excitement to the mundane. I want people to prepare, arrive, and leave an event feeling special and a little happier.

5. Tell us your FAVORITES…


My favorite color is buttercup yellow.


My favorite party goodies are mason jars. I love them because they are inexpensive and you can use them for so many things. You can fill them with candles and hang them in trees for adorable lanterns; you can fill them with baking ingredients for fun cookies in a jar favors. I also like to use them at my annual Harvest Soup Party as take home jars for the extra soup!


My secret source for parties is the site: Oh Nuts! You can search their inventory of candy by color! Perfect for Halloween parties when you need orange and black candy!

A huge THANK YOU to Loralee of Loralee Lewis & Co.
Thank you so very much for sharing your inspiration and shop with us!

**All images found at loraleelewis.etsy.com and nofussfabulous.com**