Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello, take 2...

Alright, so lets try this again. I am decorating the boys rooms and planning for Auntie A's shower. I have been searching the wonderful world for all things boy related, that are not kitchy/gimmicky/licensed (even though the boys are crazy for Thomas the Train) and trying to make a classic design that will be timeless and live through the phases of little boys. So my plan for these guys is a vintage-y cowboys & elephants. I love the way "cowboys and elephants" sounds, I will definately have to use it to name a line of fabrics, which so far will surely have to be made by me, since the boy selection of fabrics is very limited. Etsy is a wonderful place, the creativity is unsurpassed and just the option that artists can customize things for you is fabulous. Here are some of the most recent finds I love

For their bathroom...


I also love her sign (a repro of a more expensive one from a magazine)

My favorite thing this week, a growth chart! No animals, no girl/boy, and lots of room to write on it! What a beautifully simple solution, and you can take it with you!