about me

Hi! I am a diy kind of girl, a wife and a mama. I have two little guys named Henry and Hunter, which is where I got the name for Hank + Hunt.  I am a DIY Contributing Editor over on The Sweetest Occasion.

There are a few things you should know about me....

I am a wee bit obsessive. 
I tend to get fixated on lots of stuff, but it usually boils down into these categories:
1. party decor + accoutrement.
2. home decor + accoutrement.
3. awesome cool stuff for little guys that is not tacky.
4. baked goods...especially those coated in icing.
5. books...lots and lots of books.

If you have questions or something lovely to share...
email me hankandhunt@gmail.com


SHOP: http://www.hankandhunt.etsy.com/