Monday, February 28, 2011

Fringe Benefits

 I have yet to meet (in real life) my sweet friend, the amazing Sharon of Cupcakes and Cutlery. I am amazed by her talents and adore her modern fetes. Simple, clean, and unabashed use of color…she always creates gorgeous parties. I think she’s been holding out on me. I have heard claims that she’s not very crafty, blah, blah, blah…I think she’s been telling stories. When I opened my Christmas present, I screamed. For real. And the boys came a’running. Then they screamed…er…squeaked. Trust me there is a very long, very hilarious story as to the arrival in Feb, aka this box has traveled more in two months than I have in a year. She is like the hip, totally awesome sister I never had. Seriously, as I am drooling over the fringe that is showing up all over the place (I have a roundup this week), she sends me a box that looks like this…

…and I love her.

…but she better do a DIY.

…because I am SO doing this. Who knew you could make a plain USPS box SO cool?

Oh, and Sharon, BTW you have to do more DIYs…xo

Friday, February 25, 2011


Happy Friday Darlings!  This is my second editon of Font Friday.  This series is probably the most fun I've had with posts...I love fonts.  I have way too many.  I love finding new ones. I'm loving the goodies from my new font crazy pals, so go NOW and check out the font loveliness (and their other incredible talents) over on LITTLE BIT HEART, LAUREN ELISE CRAFTED, SUPER SWOON (mid week goodness on Tuesdays), AERIALIST PRESS and THE KNOTTY BRIDE.

I love today's font so much I bought it. Instantly. At only $22 bucks it was totally worth it! I am using it to label goodies for Henry's birthday and have been playing with it ever since.  I have been chomping at the bit for my new computer (should be here today!! woo hoo!!) so I can play with Illustrator again.  I can't wait to get this on some cupcake toppers.  Seriously, how perfect is this for a Modern Cowboy Fete? Imagine it simply announcing jam flavors or printed on some muslin tags with a horseshoe illustration?  I love it. The best looks AWESOME huge.  Like as letters on bunting, oh yeah.

It's totally modern but totally westernish.  It reminds me of the casino signs around here. (Duh,'s called studio NEON)  Yesterday, as I looked in the cupboard, I found this little lovely bag of candy...gee, that looks surprisingly similar, is the font old fashioned?, not really. It goes...but it's not glaringly dated like the "wild cherry" font screams western. So, this new font o'mine...perfect.

Studio Neon is a fabulous "signage" font, as in it looks great on signs, packaging, flyers, labels...and/or party goodies. I highly recommend it. If you need to find me this weekend...I'll be labeling everything I own with it...xo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little treat...

Hello lovelies! I just wanted to pop in and say I'm sorry for the lack of posts, our house got hit with one heck of a cold. So, not only are we all sick, but with BOTH kids home ALL productivity levels take a hit.  But on a sweeter note...I have found an INCREDIBLE chocolate chip cookie recipe.  My brother, has been gluten free for a while and insists that his overall health and energy levels have improved.  The funny thing is, as far as health stuff is concerned (and perfume/cologne) we are pretty much on the same boat.  So, for the past week, I have been trying gluten free...and honestly it's not that hard but I can't tell you about energy levels because we're all sick as a dog. But I also don't feel deprived.  Especially, not with these in the house.

My twitter lovelies helped me find some fabulous GF sites and I want to give a big hug to Lisa from With Style and Grace, who's recommendations led me to these cookies over on gluten-freelicious.  **I also made Lisa's recipe for GF Pumpkin Bread and oh dear heaven... I made it twice last weekend, it didn't survive for the photoshoot.

Now, this recipe really is AWESOME.  Like forget the gluten-free makes a fab cookie.  I used mini chocolate chips, because I enjoy even distribution of smaller amounts of chocolate. I would rank it overall SECOND BEST, because these are still my #1 FAVORITE.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Modern Cowboy: A Country Fete Inspiration

The modern cowboy er...cowgirl party. A lil' bit modern, a lil' bit rough around the edges, a lil' bit chic. I'll admit, I've got a whole lotta love for this style right now.  I got the inspiration for the board from this little bit of loveliness.  It was easy to pull a few images (I ADORE) from my inspiration files that fit just perfectly.  Add a few from Pinterest, which I can't begin to tell you how much I love, and we have the perfect spring/summer soiree.  Now, go away chilly winter so I can put on my saucy shoes...





Monday, February 21, 2011


YAY Meghan, please email me your address and I will send your goodies ASAP. Congratulations!

Friday, February 18, 2011


For the past few weeks I have been amorously following font lovers...and FONT FRIDAY.  The pioneers in this lovely little collection are LAUREN ELISE CRAFTED, LITTLE BIT HEART, BUBBLEROCK, SUPER SWOON, AERIALIST PRESS, and THE KNOTTY BRIDE. It occured to me this morning as I oogled...that, as a person who *might* be obsessed with fonts - judging from my weekly downloads, I should see if I can play, too.  So, I asked and WOO HOO! Let the party begin...

I chose ADHESIVE NR SEVEN from FONT SQUIRREL.  You guys loved the flag tutorial for PowerPoint I did, and this is a little cheater dingbat font. It only has 12 flags/banners, but they can be colored and resized just like a font. Did I mention it's FREE?  Now, only 12 doesn't seem so bad does it?
This first little font friday for me is kind of a two-fer deal.  I also have been using LIEBE ERIKA REGULAR font all week, from MY FONTS. I am in love with it. I also got it's sister, LIEBE ORNAMENTS, but I'll save her for later. 

Let me know what you think about this cheater font. 

Happy Friday!

Let me first say...I just love this.
I'm off to plan Henry's 5th birthday party that is in two weeks.  To answer some questions I know just popped in your head...YES, I am using this gorgeous art by Dolan Geiman as inspiration.  ...and NO,  I will not be dressed like that...much to the dispair of my hubby. I am not making a SAUCY bday party for my soon to be five year old.  I am inspired by the modern feel and vintagy worn look.  So, for the past month or so I have been toying with the idea of a modern cowboy party...Monday, I will share my inspiration board. 
Which may not even come to life...we just confirmed last night we are going up to visit the inlaws for a huge birthday weekend! Cousin H turns 1 that weekend too! Which is fabulous!  We are super excited and I haven't told the boys yet in hopes of having that little moment like they show on those Disney commercials, where the kids get all excited, shake and freak out. But, cute. Not how I just made it sound. Anyways, I won't be able to drag an arsenal of party wares.  It will be simple.  and easy.  and still cute (cause I can only rock awesome)

REMEMBER to enter the RAINBOW OF INSPIRATION giveaway on Monday's Post.  Contest ends tonight at 5pm.  I will choose a winner via and make the announcement before I sign off for the weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


First course of business.  You might have noticed I haven't given my full focus this week...I shot (and reshot) the beginnings of my printie collection for the shop.  Hooray for printies! aka Printables.  I've been meaning to share these with you for a bit...but various technical difficulties...needless to say, the printies are here! (Notice the fab cupcake stand I bribed my hubby to make me, yes my hunk made that from a hunk of metal for me...and now YOU)

My entire inspiration for the collection is simplicity.  After hunting fabric shops and papery stores, and never finding the right sized gingham or stripe in that certain shade I wanted...I figured I could just make it.  So I did. Simple and modern colorways, in plain pretty patterns, ready to mix and match. The awesomest (so not a word I know...) part is that now, I have patterns that can be any shade or tint or mulit-color WE want. Period. I didn't want to provide more children's printables, there are experts in that loveliness (LOVE THE DAY and ANDERS RUFF) or more gorgeous wedding suites (BLUSH PRINTABLES and GO AGAINST THE GRAIN), still already experts in that field of loveliness...I just wanted simple ones.  Little bits to accent the already fabulous plethora of printables. 

There are two sizes.  Cupcake and Mini pages (above).  The cupcake page comes with 12 standard cupcake topper flags and 6 pennant shape flags.  Mini comes with teeny little cupcake topper flags, one big bunting shape, and six little bunting shapes.  Mix and match the two to make garlands or double them up on extra tall sticks.  At $5 a could have them ALL.

**GIVEAWAY** First go to Monday's RAINBOW OF INSPIRATION POST and enter to win cupcake toppers from MOI!

THEN...go enter to win this photography package of AWESOMENESS....

Alrighty...The ONLY reget from my own personal wedding, was not hiring a photographer.  We had a friend fo the family who was technically a photographer and it was...ok.  I think one of the most importante elements of a great day is hiring a photographer that KNOWS the awesomeness that you want to capture...SO...I'm always a bit jealous when I see fabulous wedding pictures.  I was amazed when I saw these little stills of loveliness over on Postcards and Pretties. But DO YOU wanna win an ENTIRE wedding photography package from the AMAZING photogs 13:13 Photography? Go NOW to Postcards and Pretties and enter to WIN.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage Inspiration - ALL WRAPPED UP

I found this book ages ago...really. Like, when I was still in school and killing time between classes and cruising the aisles of Barnes and Noble.  I found it on a fluke again ('cause I could never remember the name) a few years back and snatched it up.  All Wrapped Up by Kevin Akers is fabulous. I love just flipping through the pages.  I've been personally obsessed and trying to make the retro bows in Illustrator.

I highly recommend this book if you have a vintage streak or a love of retro colorways.  It's a compilation of 60's vintage wrapping paper.  I use it all the time for colorways and pattern inspiration, I can't be the only one. For example...this watercolor plaid pattern...

...could be used as a starting point to spice up your fete...add dinnerware from Anthro or napkins from this fabric from Jay McCarroll for FreeSpirit.

I'll share some more goodies from this great little number as I perfect my little bows and plan some colorways for some goodies coming up.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

DIY Goodies On The Sweetest Occasion

As I finish up a few things for the shop...the printies are coming, the printies are coming...I thought I would share some links for the DIYs this week over on The Sweetest Occasion.
One of my resloutions this year was to show you how to make everything in my shop.  Everything. I know there are a bunch of crafty mavens out there, just like me, that will always try to figure it out for themselves.  So here's a little sweet DIY for you...

Here is the tutorial I did for this little heart pom cupcake topper.  It's my second Valentine's Topper over on The Sweetest Occasion.  It's incredibly cute and easy to make.  

Here is a link to the Clay Table Numbers and Flags tutorial also on The Sweetest Occasion.  The possibilities are endless...I'm going to try to make a pennant garland out of clay for Henry's birthday (which I just realized is two and a half weeks away...EEK!)

*Of course, if you would just like someone to make it for can find goodies in my shop or feel free to email me for custom work. XO

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rainbow of Inspiration (and a GIVEAWAY!)

I wanted to give you, my lovely readers, a valentine.  To show how much I appreciate your sweet comments, I offer brilliant color boards.  I was stunned by how gorgeous they are, and how incredible the creators are for joining me with this fun little "rainbow" of wedding inspiration.  I sent  these lovely ladies an email, asking them to share their talent for beautiful boards, and they did! For that I am so thankful, each of these lovely ladies is going to be getting some pretty little toppers  in the mail from moi in their color board shades.  For you dear readers...I am giving away a set of toppers to match.  Yep, two of each color I make for my fabulous friends, a total of 14 toppers.  Just leave a comment to win!  But now...let the colors rain down on us...


Bouquet photo by Cooper Carras via Once Wed, peach place card from Martha Stewart Weddings, couple photo by Our Labor of Love via Once Wed, bar menu from Martha Stewart Weddings, hanging dress photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography, paper dahlia poms from Martha Stewart Weddings, cake by The Cake Artist via Grey Likes Weddings, drink photo by Amy Majors Photography via Style Me Pretty


{Heather P. Morgan via Once Wed} Table {Project Wedding} Garland {Our Labor of Love via Design Sponge} Couple/ VW van {cosmopolitan bride}  emerald bathing suit {tom palumbo} hydrangea bouquet {martha stewart weddings} vintage desk {kiss the groom} straws {amber carson events via style me pretty} seltzer bottles {unknown}

Blue V.

Shoes, Tulle skirt, Orchids, Paris, Corks, Crinkled linen, Cupcakes

I can't begin to thank you enough, darlings!

Leave a comment and on Friday, one could win a "RAINBOW" set of cupcake toppers from the Hank + Hunt shop.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Weekend & Heart Beignets

Valentine's Day is just a weekend away. Be sure to check out my easy little treats over on The Sweetest Occasion this morning! They don't last long, as you can tell...

I'm off to reorganize the guest room back to being a guest room from the craft explosion that happened earlier this week.  The blogosphere is also buzzing with tons of Valentine's goodies, so I'll be out a-lookin' for a yummy treat to make for the preschool party...HAPPY WEEKEND!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heart Attack


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Martha Does Cupcakes

So, last week, I dared to bring the minimen to Macy's.  I was desperate.  After weeks of not being able to go shopping because some boy (or me) was sick, I had to venture out to get two birthday presents.  Yes, I know there is the internet. For me, if I am not quite sure what to get, I have to physically shop. I find it easier to get inspiration when I see grouped items together rather than little squares on my screen.  Besides, getting out of the house and a little vitamin D is good for you, even if that means a four year old running through the china department.

Anyhoo, low and behold I found these little cupcake stands by Martha Stewart for Macy's.  They are like miniature versions of her round cakestands, which for some reason ::hmmmpff:: are never available in the Reno Macy's. Not that I am surprised.  What did surprise me was these little cuties sitting in their adorable little box of two. My first thought was "Brilliant!! This is perfect for Auntie A!" My second thought was "Martha, where have you been all my life. NO seriously, where have you been? Cupcakes have been hot for YEARS!" She knows this, a book comes to mind...Either way. I could care less.  She finally did it, gorgeously BTW, and I cleaned out the TWO boxes Reno had, sorry Renoites/Renoeans/people of Reno, all gone. They are super reasonably priced when you use those famous Macy's coupons. I couldn't find them online...just another reason shopping on your two feet is well worth it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY PowerPoint Flag Tutorial

I have fallen in love…with a program. Adobe Illustrator (AI) can solve a world of problems and create fabulous designs/patterns/graphics. The things I learned from the crash courses from Alma Loveland at Art Weekend (by Nicole's Classes) in SLC this past October…have CHANGED my life. I cannot live without Illustrator, nor would I want to. **and yes…my computer with it is still dead…but I got my files off ** Everything you could “want” to do for a party or a little blog (like this one here) can be done with it. But, it’s super expensive. I get that. Until last year, I didn’t have it. So, what’s a girl to do? Use PowerPoint. Really. It takes a bit of patience, especially now that I know how easily I could do this in AI. But, you don’t have AI but you DO have PowerPoint on your laptop or work computer; use that lunch break and whip out some cute flags. Easy. **Bear with me, I have never done a DIY for a computer program.


Open a new presentation, and format the slide to blank. Draw a rectangle roughly the size of the flag.
Now change the shape to an object that you can edit.

Click on the rectangle. In the Menu bar, DRAWING TOOLS> EDIT SHAPE> CONVERT TO FREEFORM

Right click the object and select EDIT POINTS.

Now right click in the center of the left line and ADD POINT. Click and drag the point in towards the center making that cute little cutout that is typical of flags.

Voila. A one sided flag.

Repeat steps 5 + 6 for the other side to make a banner. This style is really popular on blogs lately and I must say I jumped on the train.

Use these to make little cards or buttons on your blog. You could cut them out and attach to flags for cake toppers, too.

 Now, continue to format to make interesting flags.

Starting with a one sided flag.  I resized my flag to be a teeny bit thinner.  Copy and paste that new flag and flip it over 180 degrees. (I used the little green dot and eyeballed it)

Copy and paste the flag again, but this time leave it right where it gets pasted (on top of the first flag) and right click to EDIT POINTS. Now, click and drag the corners to line up with the corners of the lower flag.  

It should look like a parallelogram.

Right click the parallelogram and select SEND TO BACK.

Remove the outline by highlighting the entire shape and DRAWING TOOLS> FORMAT>  SHAPE OUTLINE> NO OUTLINE. *I think it looks better without the outline.  I also changed the SHAPE FILL of the parallelogram to a darker shade of green. Voila part deux.  A little bitty fancy banner.

Keep going to add more fanciness…

Copy and paste the bottom flag and the parallelogram right below the originals. Edit points if you need to line them up.

PowerPoint is particularly grumpy sometimes (it might just be my relationship with it) about lining things up perfectly. AI doesn’t do this, and is probably one reason it’s a better product for drawing. Just be patient and talk sweet to it and eventually it will let you do what you want. *Sorry, I just sounded like a bad date.*

Edit points to bring the top and very bottom flags to add a little shape if you like.

Use text boxes to put words on the flags. I used three different text boxes. **Font used is LiebeErika from MyFonts**

And FINALLY, make it a PNG (much better than a JPEG for graphics – a little trick I learned from Alma)

15. Highlight the entire shape – make sure you get absolutely everything—and right click SAVE AS PICTURE.

While PowerPoint isn’t designed to be used as a graphics program…in a pinch, it works great. The Button Baby Shower I did last year was done completely on PowerPoint. You can even get fancier if you know your way around it, it just takes a while longer than AI. Enjoy! Feel free to ask questions! xo

Monday Pretties

Happy Monday Lovelies!
I just wanted to share some pretty little art by Sandra Suy I found while flitting around.  Wouldn't this be lovely as inspiration for a party? 


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's DIY Toppers - Part 1

Hello lovelies!  It's that time again, I have two little DIYs for you over on The Sweetest Occasion.  Yes, I might be mildly addicted to toppers.  I promise not everything will be on a stick...although I will argue that it is next to garland and balloons as the easiest way to turn hum-drum into a jubilee!  Besides, how cute would it be if you came with a platter full to your kid's Valentine's Day party?

**To get the heartshaped brownies: I used box mix (I have yet to find a good recipe- tell me if you have one) and baked it in a foil lined 8x8 pan.  Let cool, lift out.  Cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter.  (eat scraps or make a compote with cool whip and strawberries - I meant to make a compote...they didn't survive) I used a fluted cutter from Wilton I found at Target last year.

So, go check out my arrow DIY here. Stay tuned for another Valentine's Day lovely later today!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Have a Meri Meri Birthday

I got an email this morning from Amy of make it mine parties, I swear Amy has the cutest taste in little party wares.  So, all she had to do was mention she had NEW items and ::BOOM:: I was screen shopping, oogling as always, and then I came across this lovely...

Isn't it gorgeous?  I want it.  I have three parties (baby Harry, Henry and Ed) coming up just before this baby comes out on March 15th.  I am this close to sending an email to Ok,I just did send one to Meri Meri to see if I can grab one (or two) just so I can plan a party around the colors.  So cute.  Just a little bit of random adorable I wanted to share. See, I told you I was random.