Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok, so I am crazy excited about this...I've been talking about switching to a real blog Just ask my brother or Sharon! They are probably thinking...finally! Well, I am pleased to announce the all new, all awesome HANK + HUNT. Hooray! Here is a little peek, but starting with the FONT FRIDAY post today...all new content will be added to the new SITE.  This is the last post here, but I will keep everything prior, so all those older links to content will remain active.

I owe a huge THANK YOU to Kerry of PAPER DAHLIA for her awesome branding and design advice. She is amazing and she can help you, too. I want to thank my brother for all his support and help getting the .com off the ground, I love you and I could never have done it without you. I also want to thank my biggest cheerleader, Sharon of CUPCAKES AND CUTLERY, for just being plain AMAZING and the greatest friend I've ever met on this crazy blogging journey.

Thank you ALL so much for all your lovely comments and love, I hope you will come see me over at my new home. The digs are much snazzier, I assure you.

all my love,

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Good morning lovelies! Don't mind me while I race around behind the scenes making little bits of awesome and finishing up some school shopping. I did want to share a little DIY for grown up ice cream floats that I did over on THE SWEETEST OCCASION...

Have you ever had a LAVENDER ICE CREAM FLOAT? I have tried lemon lavender ice cream, but I had never heard of lavender soda until I tried DRY Soda. A company based in Seattle, making the most divine, not too sweet, all natural, only 4 ingredients, soda. It comes in a variety of flavors like cucumber, blood orange, lemon grass and rhubarb. I can say they are all delicious. DRY Soda was one of our sponsors for the Meet & Greet and I was dying to try it out for a float. It was awesome.

The packaging is so pretty, and the soda itself is clear.  How gorgeous would these be at your next event? I highly recommend grabbing some on your next trip to the grocer.

*yes, I got the soda for free for the event, but all opinions and the idea to post this are mine.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hi lovelies! One of my favorite shops online is BAKE IT PRETTY.  A while back, I watched this video and was beside myself with happiness.  Now, you don't have to be a master baker, just grab a box o' cake mix and a jar of frosting and voila. Bake It Pretty also sells the BEST EVER ICING KIT that is used in the video.  Easy peasy.

psst...everyone will be REALLY impressed when you decorate your cupcakes like the me.
I have used these great pastry tools with whipped cream for tartlets and even mashed potatoes to make my cheater potpie pretty. AMAZING.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello and happy Monday lovelies!
So... Saturday was AWESOME and I am SO excited about all the FABULOUS people I met! It was even better than I had dreamed! A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our lovely sponsors: TROPHY CUPCAKES, MOLLY MOON HOMEMADE ICE CREAM, DRY SODA, HIGH 5 PIE  for the DELICIOUS treats.  These are THE best in Seattle, and I am so glad they were so happy to contribute! I want details and best of all...the photos. I wish I had some candids, I brought my camera but didn't get any of those "oh look how cute Lyndsey is setting up" kinda photos I had hoped.  We were too busy making it gorg! BUT...I am giddy just waiting for the photos to come back from Adele of ABIGAIL REESE PHOTOGRAPHY. I am so completely enamored with her photography and can't wait to see the photos from the event. Truly, if you are in the Seattle/Tacoma area...she is the sweetest and most talented lady EVER! Go see her wedding site, too, which is full of delicious photos at ADELE CABANILLAS.  More on Adele, the party and those lovely treats {above} our guests got to take home soon.  Today is for putting the organization back into the party closet, that had been raided and looks like it exploded in my dining room.

This week will also be light on posts since my oldest starts kindergarten next week! YAY! I'm both excited and could cry at the same time! xo

Friday, August 19, 2011


 Hello! If you are wondering what I have been doing these past few's a little peek.
Our MEET & GREET is tomorrow and I am just busting with excitement.  I think I am especially excited to see some of my favorite bloggers who hail from Seattle. I've got my fingers crossed for a few ( favorite Uncle) to still come.  If any of you are on the fence let me give you some of the details...we have some of the BEST in Seattle providing our refreshments.  Seriously. Who can turn down TROPHY CUPCAKES, HIGH 5 PIE, MOLLY MOON ice cream, and DRY Soda?

Not to mention, Ms. Lyndsey and I personally made the goody bags (yay!) and stuffed them with CRAZY AWESOME swag (double YAY.)

But now for a little DIY for the weekend.  Perfect for your next fete. Have you ever made a tissue pom? Have you tried to make them with crepe paper?  You still get the amazing fluff, but it adds a little bit of unexpected texture. Have you added them both together?  It is a variation in shade and texture and makes one neat-o pom in my personal opinion.  You know how I have those random ideas? Well after making a bazillion tissue and a million crepe paper poms...I had some left. It was green so I had to use it. I layered the tissue paper in between the crepe paper and ta-da! I got a fun stripey pom pom.

All you will need is to unroll the crepe paper and fold in thirds. In between each crepe layer, add 2 sheets of tissue paper.
Fold accordion style, about 1.5 inches wide.
Tie with a piece of floral wire in the center. Fluff each layer and ENJOY! This is perfect for wall decor or poking out of a large installation.  *Note: I would make two of these poms and tie them together in the center for a full pom. I would have done this, but (amazingly) I ran out of tissue paper. 
One last little note...we are getting a blog makeover! I tried my best to get it ready for today, but I just want it to be PERFECT for you.  Kerry over at PAPER DAHLIA and SUPER SWOON sprinkled a little bit of AWESOME on us for our new branding.  She gets me so well. I love her and she is amazing to work with. So stay tuned...


Happy Font Friday lovelies! This week is a gorgeous font apply names GELATO over on MyFonts. Isn't it fun?

I just love happy little ligatures. Enjoy!

 Don't forget to swing by my FAVORITE FONTASTIC PALS in the world:



Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yes, I missed Tuesday. I meant to post this but it really helps to preset your post if you actually want it to go...

Our last awesome vendor is BALLOONS 'N MORE, where you can get those gorgeous giant round balloons. They have the best prices I have found...and did you know they sell balloons that are 8 ft?  Can you imagine? Keep small pets and children away from that photo op. I wonder how many of those little helium tanks it takes to fill that up.  For the record, the small tank will do a bunch of little balloons (enough for garland) and 6 large round ones.

They also sell giant number balloons which I love.  I just adore this picture from my inspiration file, number balloons from OH JOY! They also have letters!

They have hearts, giant hearts too! Speaking of hearts...I found this source while reading YOU ARE MY FAVE a while back.  I heart Melanie!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I love this store.  PARTY CHEAP is truly cheap and peppy. They have their images copyrighted and while I think it's okay, when I go to get the photos it gives me an angry little this will be a text only post. I figured I'll just link to some of the cool stuff I like.

Confetti, anyone?
FANCY-FETTI DOTS {insert Kate Spade moment here}
SERPENTINES {the little strips for throwing}

Precut Tissue Fringe...aka heaven.
TISSUE FRINGE DRAPE {make an easy fringe background}
ART TISSUE FESTOONING {aka garland, remember keywords to search later}
DROP FRINGE GARLAND {I think this could be used super pretty}
BUNTING {in a few colors}
INDOOR/OUTDOOR PENNANT FLAGS {yep, plastic...but if the background is blurred & outside}

and...honeycomb balls, individually priced.

Ok...I could go on an on...great prices, and a pretty decent color selection. They have way too much stuff to list.  I would start HERE and browse your little heart out. All of the sources today are worth a bookmark.


Hi everyone! Today for our 3 THINGS TUESDAY I am bringing out the big guns and sharing some super sources for party decor.  These are all those little lovely hanging and tissue paper decor treats that only seem to be in a few colors here and there. So, I'm giving away secrets...well, not really because you could have found them with a good keyword search on Google. I'm just saving you the effort.

First up, this one I just found last week, DEVRA PARTY CORP.  Devra has all those lovely little honeycomb balls and paper fans in gorgeous colors.  The site is super easy to search and you can sort by color.  The prices are great...and sell by the dozen.

HONEYCOMB SHEETS? They sell honeycomb tissue paper pads that you cut your design out of and then open to create a 3D thing of awesomeness...I'm seeing cupcake toppers dance in my head. My lovely DIY darlings...ready, set, GO! Let's see how awesome we can make this stuff.

*vintage photo frame: BESOTTED BRAND BLOG

Monday, August 15, 2011


A happy, happy monday to you! I'm running around like crazy finishing the decor this week for Hello - A Seattle Blogger Meet & Greet and would love to tell you that if you are in the Pacific Northwest or just a blogger from LA,  Florida, or North Dakota and will happen to be in Seattle on Saturday, email us for an invite! It's going to be awesome. Trust me...psst...I get to do the decorations. hee hee. We've got some of the best refreshments in the NW and you've got to come see! Besides, Lyndsey and I are super nice, really, and would LOVE to make new friends.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Happy Friday! Do you know what time it is? It's FONT FRIDAY TIME...yay! This week I have a similar one to last week's MAIDEN ORANGE.   It's retro and cartoony, and I've played that up a bit with the colors, but it looks really cool in white as an overlay, too. It's called HAURACHERELL NC (don't ask me how to say it...I can hardly spell it) and it's a freebie over on DAFONT.  How FUN, right? I've been working on some Back to School Printables for Cyd over on THE SWEETEST OCCASION and keep bouncing back between the two fonts. Decisions, decisions.

Don't forget to swing by my FAVORITE FONTARIFIC PALS in the world:



Thursday, August 11, 2011


Happy Thursday! I was so floored when Christina asked me to do a guest post. I have a great hint for you over on POSTCARDS AND PRETTIES today about digital patterns.  These might say they are scrapbook paper but did you know you can use them for party printables, too?  I rounded up some of the best shops on Etsy and I really thing you should check them out.  Heck, I make my own patterns, but I NEED some of these! Why recreate the wheel? Go see the post  HERE.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's Saturday afternoon and you just found out your in-laws are coming to dinner.  What. Do. You. Do? Well, since it's summer the easiest choice is BBQ, some quick little hamburgers or chicken and apple sausages with corn and an easy salad. Missing something?

The quickest way to spiff up the joint:
1. Go directly to your linen closet.
2. Grab a fun vintage tablecloth.
3. Put on table.

FUN:  I love colorful linens. I have always collected vintage tablecloths.  Every time I set foot in a thrift store I pop by the table linens aisle. Sometimes you can find one in near perfect condition that probably spent it's life in a buffet drawer. Another perk to shopping at the local shop is the price is remarkably lower than Etsy or Ebay (bonus for no shipping costs.)

MODERN:  In my entertaining stash, I have new linens as well. I have these in large sizes, in neutral colors,  to increase versatility. These are perfect for everyday meals and more "fancy" occasions.  Also look for plain, bold patterns in bright colors. Target is excellent for affordable versions.

It's not necessary to break the bank with all those drool inducing textiles at Anthro. If you make it a habit to just pop in or peek on Etsy once in a while, you will find some amazing items.  Case and Point...THIS is on Etsy as I write this.  I have never seen anything like it...AMAZING!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


How amazing is this DIY BOX KITE KIT over at ANTHROPOLOGIE? How gorgeous and memorable for little ones to make in these last days of summer? Not to mention, this would be the coolest alternative to paper lanterns at a party, no?


You might already know that I have a moderately insane collection of cake stands. But I just found these matte black ones by MARTHA STEWART for Macy's and I NEED them. They are MATTE.  I find that black is incredibly neutral for serve-ware and really makes your lovely desserts *POP*.  Upon my hubby's dismay, I might be planning an acquisition...or three. I mean, how perfect are these for Halloween? They have mine written all over them.


I might be in love with these gorgeous little watercolor patterns from AUGUST EMPRESS.  I want to use them everywhere. AUGUST EMPRESS is a blog in Australia and is one of the most delightful sites that I just found last week, I hit paydirt on the inspiring new blogs, I love it when you go searching for new loves and then one just makes you go "oh, yes."  Download these lovelies from her site HERE


Good Morning! I have a DIY you won't want to miss over on THE SWEETEST OCCASION - PARTY ANIMAL CAKE TOPPERS. Yep, these are crazy easy and turn out undeniably cute. It's a must make for any occasion, can't you just see this little guy on that birthday dessert at the end of your bestie's dinner? I bet the restaurant would put it on top in the back to bring it out while they sing...which everyone hates, but you HAVE to do. Right?

My favorite is the squirrel.  He's just so awesome. Can anyone count how many times I say awesome in the post on The Sweetest Occasion?

Monday, August 8, 2011

WATERCOLOR LANTERN DIY and what I did this weekend...

So, while I was moping about from not going to BlogHer this weekend and not meeting my pal Sharon, I was learning new skills. I wanted to tell you about a little DIY I made for the TWIPS site. I decided to show you using my new skills.  Isn't this just a bit of fun? Not sure if it will totally slow down the blog but, it should be cool. 
Now, having both of these up on the site kind of makes me dizzy, so I might stick regular pics in here eventually.  But I just thought it was fun for now.
And now for the fun one.  I learned TWO different styles of animated GIF. Yep, I was busy. I even organized my DIY files, too! Here is the one I had the most fun with, even broke out the tablet {FINALLY}

Go see my Watercolor Lantern Tutorial HERE.
Now you are saying, I NEED to do this.  Here are the two tutorials I found to learn. Seriously easy folks.
HERE {photo animation} and HERE {static animation} ENJOY! and let me know what you make!

**I know first hand the pain of slow internet connections {gasp} or dial-up... for my lovely readers that have that issue, I am truly, truly sorry for what this might do to your reading experience.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Happy Monday! 
Here is a little DIY that has been sitting around for a bit. I thought I'd give you a little treat to start this week! These are basically just cookie pops or cookies on string dipped in melted candy wafers. Make them in any color or shape.  Keep your eyes peeled 'cause I am going to make these in another shape for a shoot later on in the next few weeks!

Supplies: baking twine

lollipop sticks or wood drink stirrers
small dish of water
cookie dough
candy melts (I used Wilton)

Prepare cookie dough (my favorite is by THE DECORATED COOKIE) and chill as directed. 

Preheat oven to 350. Cut out a flag template from a piece of paper. Roll dough to 1/4”  thick and cut a straight line with a knife down the center of the dough.

Place template even with line, and cut flag. Move down the line to cut another flag.  This will make a perfect flag between the two places you made the template at. Continue down the line.  Once you are done with that side, cut another straight line down the other side to complete the second set of flags.  Continue until all flags are cut out.

For topper flags:

Place flags on baking sheet, leaving room between each for the length of the stick. Very gently pres sticks in each cookie, about 1/4" from the edge, as shown. Do not press all the way through. Using your finger, lightly we each flag's entire surface. Place a second flag on top of each and lightly press down.  The second flag will stick to the first, use your finger to smooth edges and sides so it looks like one cookie. 

Once all cookies are cool, melt candy in microwave, per package's instructions, in a small to medium size bowl.

Take each cookie by the stick and dip in the melted candy.  Gently tap on the side of the bowl to remove excess.  Place on a foil lined baking sheet.  Let harden or accelerate by cooling in the fridge for 15 mins. 

For bunting flags:

Place flags in a line, about 1 to 1 1/2” apart. Center a piece of twine, 20” long or length desired, on the flags about 1/4” from the top edge and gently press down.
Using your finger, lightly wet each flag’s entire surface. Place a second flag on top of each and lightly press down.  The second flag will stick to the first, use your finger to smooth edges and sides. so it looks like one cookie.

Bake for 8-12 mins, depending on your oven. Take out when just barely golden brown. Let cool.

Once all cookies are cool, melt candy in microwave, per package’s instructions, in a small to medium size bowl.

Place cookie bunting on a wire cooling rack over wax paper to catch the drippings. Using a spoon, cover the top of each cookie, gently guiding with the spoon to cover the sides.  
After each 2 or 3, depending on how fast you work, lift the wire rack by one side and tap to smooth the candy coating and remove the excess. Lift the bunting by each end of the twine, and place on a foil lined baking sheet.  Refrigerate for 15 mins.
Once hardened, flip over cookies and place on cooling rack over wax paper again.
Dip the spoon in the candy (which might need to be remelted slightly) and using the back of the spoon to smooth, make a thin coating on the back of the cookie. Clean up with a finger any excess drips down the sides. Place newly coated side up on the foil lined baking sheet. Continue with all bunting.  If you wanted you could skip this step all together, or do it before coating the top.

Once all the flags have hardened, you can clean up any edges by gently smoothing with your fingers.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Happy Font Friday! I might have spent the afternoon at the beach instead of working on my Font Friday Post...but I have noticed that around the blogosphere, posts are still stellar, just less frequent.  I know at least for me as a parent, it's hard to focus when two little ones are rarin' to go outside. But today I bring you another freebie for two reasons.
1. It's awesome and I used it in my invite button for Hello: a Seattle Blogger Meet & Greet.
2. I blew my budget this month (and a few coming months) by buying my ticket to ALT.  I can live with that.

This week's pick is MAIDEN ORANGE by ASTIGMATIC. I found it over on FONT SQUIRREL.

Isn't it fun? {warning, warning...learning curve rant follows} So, I have been playing around with backgrounds, trying to get a watercolor feel, and I ended up with the above.  I like the angular nature of it.  I think I used one too many items, because the file keeps getting angry at me.  Like that little rainbow swirly thing keeps popping up...I am new to Mac so when it first appeared with my first ikat pattern, I thought "oh cute." I have since learned that you DO NOT want the little demon ball and it's trying to tell me my design wasn't done the right way and is too complicated.  I am primarily self taught via a few classes and tutorials, so my processes aren't necessarily the best ways of creating my end product.  I must mention that my layers are properly named and organized. Woo Hoo!  
Anyhoo.  Here's a little DIY to create your own cool quote page.

1. Create a background in Illustrator in the size needed and file/save for web and devices/save it as a png.
2. Open the png in another Artboard of the same size and type your quote on top.
3. Select all (type and image) and right click to Create Clipping Mask.
Tada! You could use this to make shapes like pennant or flags, too!

I'm sure all my font friends already knew this...their designs are so gorgeous. But go see for yourself!



Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I just wanted to show a quick little easy sew garland that I made for my pal Bina's Sip-n-See she hosted last weekend.  If you can sew a straight line, you can sew this. Don't forget, you could always use a running stitch and assemble this by hand, hot glue it or use iron on hem tape.

1.  I cut a triangle template and cut out a bunch of pennants from chunky muslin.  This fabric has a thicker feel to it and has texture like linen.  I use it for everything, it's like the poor girl's linen and at $1.25/yard I said yes to a whole bolt.  Use what ever fabric suits your fancy.

2.  I used my YUDU to screen print the anchors on.  It was pretty easy to use and it was only my 2nd time ever screen printing; it was my first time solo.  I was pleased with the results. You could also iron on designs or letters printed on t-shirt transfer paper.  Another option, use some large Helvetica font letter stencils to paint a phrase or name. Or skip this step, and rock a plain bunting.

3.  Once dry, iron according to paint/ink's directions.  With design side down, iron the tab over to create a nook for the twine to rest.

To sew, insert twine under tab, keeping it close to the fold and sew a straight line to close.  You need to keep the stitches away from the twine itself or you will not be able to move the placement later.

Sew on as many little flags as you like and ENJOY! As always, if you have any questions, ask away I'd love to help!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


For our last little post today, I want to tell you about a wonderful organization that I found last week. My boys here LOVE books...and I noticed when we were downsizing and making donations during the move,  that we donated the less awesome books.  The ones we didn't love.  If you have ever shopped a thrift store you maybe have seen that the quality and selection are poor.  Some kids will never get the joy of having a new book, a good book. Then I ran across MILK + BOOKIES on LMNOP Magazine's website.

It's an organization based on giving brand new books to less fortunate little kids. If you are like me and cringe when you think about how many toys your kid will appreciate their efforts to take the gifts from your next little one's party and change it into an exercise of giving.  Each child picks out a book to donate "as the gift" and then the collection from the party is donated to kids that really need them.  It's just a wonderful idea and it makes me smile when I think about it.

What makes MILK + BOOKIES even more amazing? They have done all the hard work for you! They have everything you need to throw a book donation party, including the stickers, book labels and pins!  Easy as pie.  Go check them out now!