Friday, March 11, 2011


Happy Friday Darlings!  This is my third editon of Font Friday.  I might be a little font crazy...but so are these ladies, so I don't feel so bad. Go NOW and check out the font loveliness (and their other incredible talents) over on LITTLE BIT HEART, LAUREN ELISE CRAFTED, SUPER SWOON (mid week goodness on Tuesdays), AERIALIST PRESS and THE KNOTTY BRIDE.  Since I missed out last week, we have WELCOMED two new font friends... the oh so fabulous Jen of BLUSH PRINTABLES and wonderful Chelsey from FOURTH AND FOLDED.

I was rounding up some things to here in Seattle and I noticed that Cupcake Royale had a new shop on the Eastside. I have long been a Trophy fan and needed to check out their main competitor...but I digress...I saw this font on their site and loved it.

And...I found it. Hee Hee...I love it when that happens! Isn't it kind of  fabulous?  The font, not the cupcake...I'm not a whiskey fan, just the kind of girl that drinks frou-frou fruity drinks,  so I opted not to try it. I am totally on a signage font kind of thing right now. I'm in love with this font and I am SO going to download it as soon as I get home...Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it's a FREE one!  Thank you, thank you, fine FONT SQUIRREL for finding the most fabulous free fonts for commercial use. It's called BLACKOUT and it's just cool.

BLACKOUT is from THE LEAGUE OF MOVEABLE TYPE a collective of free, open source fonts...and I might be in love with them, also.

You can also get the reverse...oooh, I want to color these deep red orange...or kelly green...

And if I HAVE to pick sides in the cupcake wars...I'm still a Trophy girl....
Personally, I like mucho grande portions of frosting, that Trophy readily delivers on each small treat of fluffy goodness. But I will admit, the lemon drop icing from Cupcake Royale was the most PERFECT lemon icing I have ever eaten.



  1. OH, I love this font too! Definitely going to download this baby. I love going on font searches and then coming out victorious!

  2. Diabolical! Mixing fonts and cupcakes (two of my favorite things and weaknesses)in the same post! ;)
    Great picks on both counts...

  3. This is a fabulous choice! Reminds me of cut paper! Consider it downloaded ;)

  4. Loving the mix of fonts and cupcakes today!! Great pick Jenny- the League is awesome!

  5. Downloading now! Free is always a bonus :)