Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who's got four thumbs and needs style?

This gal. Like yesterday.  So, my cohort had the fabulous idea to enter a contest to get us some saucy makeovers at BlogHer.  Sharon and I have the same love for our boys (both have two, 5 and under), party blogging, taste and snarky humor. I can't wait to meet her there (finally, in real life) and of course, since I was wondering what in the heck I was going to conjure up to wear to this little event of fabulousness in 2 1/2 months (eek!!) I immediately said...I'm all in...and then she mentioned we had to post pictures of ourselves. Really? Crap.  Did you know there is a reason there are only TWO pictures of me out on the WWW?  Did you know WHY I have a logo on all my Twitter/Pinterest/Blogger accounts? So, then my virtual BFF posted her entry last night {HERE} and I cringed.  She's so darn cute and she set the bar at NO MAKEUP??? What??? It's not fair that she can look that fab with no makeup... I read on and got to the bottom of the post and cried.  There was me...with hair. (and makeup)

::SIGH:: I miss hair.  I miss ponytails.  I chopped all my hair off 'cause I wanted a fun and super easy 'do. Six months later it still is easy, and quick...if I want mom hair.  It takes me just as long to style it as it did this long. So here's the run, sans makeup. {Thanks! Sharon} How on earth do you grow out hair without looking like A) the Beatles in the 60's, B) a walking candy apple (so what,  I've got a big head) or C) someone from the Golden Girls? *disclaimer: I got carried away with the no makeup thing and didn't do my hair either...aka this is how I look when I drop off the oldest at preschool. eek!

It just goes to show I really, really, really want to win the makeover by Mom's Fashion File...What happened? I  have been asking myself this very question since Henry turned 5.  He's five.  My baby. Wow, where'd the time go? Well we are finally moving back to Seattle this month, from outside Reno.  I say Reno cause it’s the only thing people recognize, when in reality I live 60 miles beyond the biggest little city’s reaches.  We moved here right after my oldest was born 5 years ago, which was a great place to raise babies…but as far as style development, not so much.  Over the last 5 years I have become increasingly complacent and frumpy.  I can go to the grocery store in ANYTHING and be the best dressed one there. So, I do. Often.  Without makeup.  Which, as I climb to mid-thirties status, is not an option anymore.   

But let’s look at what I do…I love parties.  I love designing things for them.  I love setting them up. I can make ANYTHING and I DO.  My favorite thing in the world is to show you how to do it, too, here, there, all over and at The SweetestOccasion.  I have 18 cake stands but only a few pairs of shoes. I have over two hundred fonts.  I will switch out six different styles of napkins to get the right colors for a DIY shot. My last pair of shoes was a pair of Tom’s, which my hubby calls “glorified slippers.”  Somehow I have reached the point and chosen comfort over style. How do I look cute and effortless at the same time.  No, really.  How do I look like I tried (effort-less) and still be stylin'? 

My craft room is stocked with the latest and greatest and my pastime is cruising the aisles of Michaels…it used to be Anthro (which Reno doesn’t even have.)  I adored shopping…now I avoid it like the plague.  What happened? Really, can anyone tell me?  I am just sitting here shocked with my mouth hung open. 

When I think about this transformation, I can see it in slow motion. First, just a new mommy, finally fitting back into her cute clothes…still able to pick up bits and pieces here and there of newness and keeping relatively current.  On to the second baby…then back into her cute clothes after, but not as hip.  Having issues finding her way in the new range of  new styles, slowly buying less and less to update the look.  Fast forward to now…I don’t buy anything when I go shopping.  I don’t know where to start. I guess I just figure my babies are happy, so I'll just try to find something next time. I am so out of date, I can no longer buy just one thing and make it all better.  I am beyond the point that even a swanky purse will fix me.  This is getting worse at an accelerated rate. 

Fast forward to two and a half months from now…BlogHer, in San Diego.  I have been “hiding out” in a cave in the desert.  I will have opportunities to meet incredibly stylish people and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. So, at least I have a few months until BlogHer, and soon I can go shopping in a CITY that actually has a Macy’s that isn’t in two separate buildings (no joke) and has Anthros and Nordys aplenty…so maybe that will help a little. I just need a plan.  Someone, anyone? Please help me.  I have a sense of what I’d like, but no idea where to start. How do you start from scratch?  What key pieces do I need? Arg! It just tires me out to think of it. For the love of pete...pretty please, with sugar on top!

Are you, my lovely readers,  in the same boat as us?  Gosh, I hope so...well, no. I wouldn't wish this level of stylish handicap on anyone, but if you needed it, too, is would make me feel better. ;) xo


  1. Love this post and so glad you answered the hair question.. I saw Sharon's picture of you with long hair and was going to ask you what length it is now. I know, very important question but I am nosy and needed to know. You both have my vote!

  2. Is it bad that I think you look stylish and beautiful in the last pic. If that is the worst you think you are sadly mistaken ;)

  3. I think you look fabulous! I love the haircut! Also, I'm glad to see another petite person in flats and skinny jeans turned up at the bottom. I've been wearing that look a lot lately and wondered if it was OK :)

  4. First of all, I think you look fab!

    Second of all, I have been having the frumpy blues lately too....I used to be so stylish before I was a Mommy, but now all I want to spend money on (the little extra that I have!) are kids clothes and stuff for the house :(

    Third, even though I think you look amazing already, I really hope you win the makeover because we all deserve to be spoiled once in a while. Good luck!

  5. 1) you are gorgeous 2) you are absofreakinlutely AHdorable 3)you are in amazing shape 4) you are beyond words talented, sweet, and funny & i dont think you need to change a darn thing! xo

  6. YOU FABULOUS SWEET LOVELIES! How can I thank you enough for your kindness? You really made my day! MWAH! xoxo

  7. This is hilarious!! Spare a thought for those of us in this position who DON'T have kids to blame!! So really I have no excuse... except for I'm lazy and can't be bothered when I'm at home all day in front of the computer!! I have been known to do a quick 'freshen up' just before hubby gets home so he is reminded of how I used to look!! haha. Doing my hair feels like such an effort!! As Erin says you're in amazing shape and still look fab!! Best of luck!

  8. uh, obviously i'm super behind on blog reading, but i wanted to say that i think you're a super cute mom. v neck t shirts (and toms, for that matter) are toootally in style, so you got that going for you. and shoot, i admire you for being so brave to go with the short hair -- which you totally pull off.

    if it's a shopping trip you need, sign me up! let's go together this summer. hooray for seattle!! :)

  9. Obviously I too am super behind in blogland.

    I feel the same pain. I am from Orange County and was transplanted to Lake Arrowhead when I met my husband. After 2 years we moved to Albuquerque, NM where we are now. There is no Nordy's, we just barely got an Anthro but its clear across town (a good hour+ depending on traffic). Baby girl #2 is 5 months old and the baby weight is not even close to gone. But I needed clothes.
    So i hopped around Blogland to see what all the super cute bloggers are wearing and then hit TJ Maxx and Forever 21 (nice options there huh?) I came out with some cute outfits that hide the chub, allow for nursing and my husband likes.
    As for the hair, I think you totally pull off the short - I cant do it though. My husband would think I was mad at him if i chopped my locks.
    I hope you won and had a fabulous time. Keep your spirits up - now that you are moving back to a city you'll bee back in the saddle in no time!