Monday, July 12, 2010

I heart stripes...dots...and checks...part 1 of 3

I heart stripes.I love plain and simple patterns. Polka dots and stripes and checks, oh my. So, begins my three week series on the simple life. Plain little party pretties to accent any fete. Stripes are the flavor of the day.  If you are accenting your party with hints of stripes or totally striping it all out, how is this for the perfect hostess…striking in stripes.  Above dress is from Ouma on Etsy.  (Engagement session photographed by Bryan Jean

I love plain bold stripes with white in the middle, be they skinny or large. Carnival stripes, clown stripes, ticking stripes…I even have a personal goal of painting a bathroom someday with big fat stripes and having a backyard with those luxe black and white striped canopy umbrellas.  I have seen these cute little cups around the blogosphere, in gorgeous little parties, most notably on Ms. Amy Atlas’ gorgeous blog I had to find them. I did find them, at Ikea no less. Go figure. Super cute, super cheap, does it get any better?

Oh yeah, and the matching plates. Yippee.
I adore bunting, in case you were still wondering about that. Here is a very simple yet bold rendition of a stripe. I love(d) this pattern. I love(d) this garland. Vintage modern geometric bunting by OliveSomeday on Etsy. Phooey, it sold as I was writing this! Check out her other garlands & pretties...

Ms. Erin Vale I love you and your awesome talent. I use your “Freakin’ Never Ending To-Do List” phrase all the time. I love these DIY seed packets. I have them bookmarked for inspiration for a party color scheme, pretty bold stripes in pretty color combinations. LOVE! Ms. Erin please make these into your awesome party box patterns! PLEASE!!! DIY seed packets from Finch & Hawk paper goods.

 I just found the fabulous fort&field last week and their supply of striped party goodies solidified this post. They have many color options available. Simple, plain, and oh so easy to coordinate with any type of party. Hello shindig…here I come. Candy anyone? Little candy bags in stripes.


I love paper straws and soon to be in gray, sigh…swoon. HeyYoYo on Etsy pre-order the grey paper straws. woo hoo.

Check out this handmade striped table runner. It can be customized by color and is painted by hand. So pretty! A fabulous fete. Lovely little shop. Killer little blog. Heart. Heart. Heart. (her and her little dog too…) P.S. her chevron party tray was just InStyle Magazine - way to go darling!!!

Sugar craving? Who else better to go see than Bake It Pretty? The most delightful party shop on the web, has cupcake d├ęcor for all three weeks in my series. How awesome and amazing is that? She has everything a girl could need to pretty her up some baked goods. For this week…striped party cups. You can even bake right in them! I love that, YAY!

And so ends our stripey obsession for the day.  This week will have mini posts with more stripe-ity goodness.  Next week, hmmm polka dots or checks???  I will have to flip a coin.


  1. um... fabulous! can't wait for next week, and the week after!!!

  2. I love this post! I just bought two packages of the striped cupcake holders for the dessert bar at my wedding, thanks to your awesome find! Thank you for introducing my dress Jenny!


  3. LOVE stripes. I was super excited when I found those cups at Ikea! And the striped fabric on the pennant banner makes it just a little edgy which is super cool.

  4. Thanks so much for including my striped bags! This is a great collection of striped beauties....AND a fabulous blog...I am very much supposed to be working right now, but spent quite a long time browsing about instead. I put you in my sidebar so I can come back and visit much wonderful inspiration. Thanks!


  5. How stinkin' cute are you?! Thank you so much for the kind words and the finch&hawk™ feature. Great idea about a stripes favor box! Truly humbled.

  6. Hooray for stripes! Great post and looking forward to more!