Thursday, May 5, 2011

DIY Fringe Garland

Hello Lovelies! I'm over on THE SWEETEST OCCASION today with a super easy little diy for instant fringe.  That aisle with all the furniture trimmings at your local yardage shop? Well it has fringe that you don't have to make, just attach it to anything.  Heck, it looks awesome just hanging as garland on it's own!

So, go check out my DIY Fringe Chandelier and have yourself a very fabulous fiesta! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Una cerveza, por favor...


  1. Very cool! You have the best party DIYs!

  2. Love it! Heading over for the complete post now!

  3. Just got back from your guest post on The Sweetest Occasion. Fabulous decorating idea you came up with!