Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I am a cupcake girl, through and through. Cupcakes are better than cake because I can get a better icing:cake ratio. Imperative to cake enjoyment. So, after checking out the new Trophy Party Room with Lyndsey from The Stationery Place, we popped across the hall and grabbed some cupcakes at the original Trophy shop.

Yes. That is a pink snowball.  It was delicious.  But not the reason for the post.  TROPHY CUPCAKES & PARTY, one of Seattle's premier cupcakeries, and my personal favorite,  has new boxes.  What? She's writing about boxes.  OH yeah. I am because they are awesome. The branding for Trophy is exceptionally done.  The top is scalloped and striped like the awning of the cupcakery.  Too cool. I can't hide my love for this company, so I won't. 

Oh, and that party room? GORGEOUS! More to come about a little shindig Lyndsey and I are throwing for all the wonderful bloggers up here in Seattle. {insert side glance to button on the right --> ok, well up to the top and right} It is going to be fun! I can't wait to show you some of the decorations we've come up with. If you are a blogger in the area (anywhere in the NW is okay, too) email us for an evite!


  1. LOVE the boxes! They are too cute! And the cupcake looks exceptionally delicious as well!