Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's Saturday afternoon and you just found out your in-laws are coming to dinner.  What. Do. You. Do? Well, since it's summer the easiest choice is BBQ, some quick little hamburgers or chicken and apple sausages with corn and an easy salad. Missing something?

The quickest way to spiff up the joint:
1. Go directly to your linen closet.
2. Grab a fun vintage tablecloth.
3. Put on table.

FUN:  I love colorful linens. I have always collected vintage tablecloths.  Every time I set foot in a thrift store I pop by the table linens aisle. Sometimes you can find one in near perfect condition that probably spent it's life in a buffet drawer. Another perk to shopping at the local shop is the price is remarkably lower than Etsy or Ebay (bonus for no shipping costs.)

MODERN:  In my entertaining stash, I have new linens as well. I have these in large sizes, in neutral colors,  to increase versatility. These are perfect for everyday meals and more "fancy" occasions.  Also look for plain, bold patterns in bright colors. Target is excellent for affordable versions.

It's not necessary to break the bank with all those drool inducing textiles at Anthro. If you make it a habit to just pop in or peek on Etsy once in a while, you will find some amazing items.  Case and Point...THIS is on Etsy as I write this.  I have never seen anything like it...AMAZING!


  1. Beautiful! I have only one table cloth, but realize by changing up your table cloth you can subtly transform a dining area cheaply and quickly....I will be on the look out now ;)

  2. love love it!
    florals are fabulous and I have sideboard loaded with them, but this geometric style is over-the-top!
    Someone snatch it quick!