Friday, August 19, 2011


 Hello! If you are wondering what I have been doing these past few's a little peek.
Our MEET & GREET is tomorrow and I am just busting with excitement.  I think I am especially excited to see some of my favorite bloggers who hail from Seattle. I've got my fingers crossed for a few ( favorite Uncle) to still come.  If any of you are on the fence let me give you some of the details...we have some of the BEST in Seattle providing our refreshments.  Seriously. Who can turn down TROPHY CUPCAKES, HIGH 5 PIE, MOLLY MOON ice cream, and DRY Soda?

Not to mention, Ms. Lyndsey and I personally made the goody bags (yay!) and stuffed them with CRAZY AWESOME swag (double YAY.)

But now for a little DIY for the weekend.  Perfect for your next fete. Have you ever made a tissue pom? Have you tried to make them with crepe paper?  You still get the amazing fluff, but it adds a little bit of unexpected texture. Have you added them both together?  It is a variation in shade and texture and makes one neat-o pom in my personal opinion.  You know how I have those random ideas? Well after making a bazillion tissue and a million crepe paper poms...I had some left. It was green so I had to use it. I layered the tissue paper in between the crepe paper and ta-da! I got a fun stripey pom pom.

All you will need is to unroll the crepe paper and fold in thirds. In between each crepe layer, add 2 sheets of tissue paper.
Fold accordion style, about 1.5 inches wide.
Tie with a piece of floral wire in the center. Fluff each layer and ENJOY! This is perfect for wall decor or poking out of a large installation.  *Note: I would make two of these poms and tie them together in the center for a full pom. I would have done this, but (amazingly) I ran out of tissue paper. 
One last little note...we are getting a blog makeover! I tried my best to get it ready for today, but I just want it to be PERFECT for you.  Kerry over at PAPER DAHLIA and SUPER SWOON sprinkled a little bit of AWESOME on us for our new branding.  She gets me so well. I love her and she is amazing to work with. So stay tuned...


  1. Can't wait to see the new look! Kerry always does fabulous.

  2. yaaaaay! meet & greet TOMORROW, can't wait! i never cease to be amazed by your skills.

  3. Super fun idea! Have a great weekend!

  4. Tada! Those look so fun. I'm tempted to decorate my room with them just because. Lol.

  5. i need to do this for an upcoming shower! i wish i could do all of your DIY's for this one shower. might be a little much though, huh?

  6. The joy of "pomming" I'm sure by now to pom must be a verb!

    (P.S. New here and loving it!)

  7. aaaaaaah! i can't wait to see the make-over!!!!! xo