Monday, August 8, 2011

WATERCOLOR LANTERN DIY and what I did this weekend...

So, while I was moping about from not going to BlogHer this weekend and not meeting my pal Sharon, I was learning new skills. I wanted to tell you about a little DIY I made for the TWIPS site. I decided to show you using my new skills.  Isn't this just a bit of fun? Not sure if it will totally slow down the blog but, it should be cool. 
Now, having both of these up on the site kind of makes me dizzy, so I might stick regular pics in here eventually.  But I just thought it was fun for now.
And now for the fun one.  I learned TWO different styles of animated GIF. Yep, I was busy. I even organized my DIY files, too! Here is the one I had the most fun with, even broke out the tablet {FINALLY}

Go see my Watercolor Lantern Tutorial HERE.
Now you are saying, I NEED to do this.  Here are the two tutorials I found to learn. Seriously easy folks.
HERE {photo animation} and HERE {static animation} ENJOY! and let me know what you make!

**I know first hand the pain of slow internet connections {gasp} or dial-up... for my lovely readers that have that issue, I am truly, truly sorry for what this might do to your reading experience.

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