Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yes, I missed Tuesday. I meant to post this but it really helps to preset your post if you actually want it to go...

Our last awesome vendor is BALLOONS 'N MORE, where you can get those gorgeous giant round balloons. They have the best prices I have found...and did you know they sell balloons that are 8 ft?  Can you imagine? Keep small pets and children away from that photo op. I wonder how many of those little helium tanks it takes to fill that up.  For the record, the small tank will do a bunch of little balloons (enough for garland) and 6 large round ones.

They also sell giant number balloons which I love.  I just adore this picture from my inspiration file, number balloons from OH JOY! They also have letters!

They have hearts, giant hearts too! Speaking of hearts...I found this source while reading YOU ARE MY FAVE a while back.  I heart Melanie!


  1. Great photos of the balloons. Love the outdoor dinner with the kids in front of the camper. Too adorable!

  2. The number balloons are fabulous! Adorable picture too... the balloons are almost the size of the girl :)

  3. I still love balloons too!

    We had giant initial ones at our wedding and loved them!