Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Devilishly Delish Book Review - A ZOMBIE ATE MY CUPCAKE by Lily Vanilli

One of my favorite things to do with my free hours during the weekend, aka the times I escape and the hubby watches the minimen, is go to the book store.  I love browsing through aisles and aisles of beautiful paper.  I could (and have) spent hours just looking at the wonderful selections.  A few weeks ago, I found this devious lovely by accident and had to snatch it up.  I have just been waiting to share it with you. My boys are still little, but someday I am definately working in some of these delightfully fiendish treats.

"A ZOMBIE ATE MY CUPCAKE" by Lily Vanilli is a book filled to the brim with the most evil cupcakes I have ever seen.  Lily Vanilli lives in London and bakes and decorates cakes in her own home.  You can buy them HERE or visit her blog HERE.

This is the cupcake that sold me on the book.  I know I could have remembered this, but I just loved it.  It's eerie and gorgeous. Perfect.

Here are a couple which are bloody good...and cherry raspberry sauce, extra YUM!

Here's one perfectly safe for the kiddos, incredibly cute, no?

As a lover of zombie movies (even though I haven't seen many since the boys were born, for obvious reasons...) a lover of cupcakes, and a lover of Halloween, I highly recommend this in your decorating book arsenal.  I will make a mild warning...a few of the cupcakes are not for the faint of heart, not sure what that says about me...

PS This one is a red velvet cupcake and red fondant with cherry sauce.  Delicious and gory, but not going to be in this house for a while, but for a teenager's party...can you say wickedest (although slightly morbid) mom in the neighborhood?


  1. Awesome ideas! My kids are so into the "real gore" of Halloween and I'm going to show this post to them...

  2. I love these ideas! I adore baking, so I'm going to have to check this book out. Just came over via BYW - your blog is so cute!

  3. I luv cupcakes!! What a great book fo rhalloween:-)

  4. That heart is disgusting! My eleven year old will think it's fabulous. Glad to have found you via BYW.

  5. You are so getting me ready for Halloween...such amazing inspiration. These cupcakes are awesome...love the mummies and the glass one!!!