Friday, September 3, 2010

new goodies, a DIY, and a GIVEAWAY, too

Happy Friday all! I am really excited to share with you our new MINI PARTY PACK! It has everything you would need to throw a little fete.  It has a fringe garland, a bunting garland (new design) and cake flags! All made from fabric of course! There are more packages to come soon for the holidays, but for now you can WIN one of these party packs over at anders ruff.  I am beyond happy Maureen asked me to be a part of her blog, and her write up of my garlands is so sweet. Don't forget to check out her Etsy shop here (Halloween is half off until 9/15!)

In the MINI PARTY PACK, there are cake flags.  These lovelies are easy to make . Do you have random scraps of fabric lying around? (ok, I might have more than most) Swing by the craft shop and pick up some 4" lollipop sticks and a roll of double stick adhesive.  Break out the scraps and some pinking shears and let me show you an easy way to customize your party.

For some strange reason, I have long strips of fabric laying around...

Use the lollipop sticks to measure and cut 4" long strips. The width is up to you, however you would like the flags to look.

Lay out the cut strips and add some double stick tape.  Cut the tape a smidge over half the length of the fabric, this allows a bit of overlap to secure well to the stick.

Peel back the tape, and place the lollipop stick in the center.

Fold over in half and smooth together.

TADA! Told 'ya it was easy.

Feel free to use different fabrics for all sorts of occasions.

Have fun and have a HAPPY WEEKEND! (and yeah, I guess you could use paper for the flags, too!)


  1. I love these new little flags!!! So darling!

  2. LOVE your stuff ;-) We are so excited you are doing a giveaway on our blog! You are awesome... so creative and we love your stuff!

    Maureen and Adria