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Hello lovelies! I have a treat for you today! Our WONDERFUL shop feature is the fabulous fort & field. I have had fort & field party accoutrements featured on my shopping extravaganzas a ton…I just love the collections, so many choices of colors, some hard to find items, and some just plain super-cool-where-on-earth-did-she-find-it kind of items.
One of the things, I feel, that makes a shop great is the vast variety within it. I love shops that make me giddy and offer lots of options all in one stop. Let me tell you… “me” plus “fort & field” = kid in a candy shop, that kind of happy.

I am in love with one of her best sellers…the striped treat bag. It comes in so many colors; I had to have them all. But wait, there are other patterns, like this pretty filigree print one…

New in the shop, gorgeous toppers for cupcakes, ice cream, straws…anything your heart desires. How pretty would these look on top of the layer you saved for your 1st anniversary? I’ll tell you…gorgeous!

Halloween is a month away… Look at these perfect little additions to any theme for your haunted fete.

Lucky you, TODAY I am giving you more than my traditional gushes…I am going to introduce you to the fabulous Jessica of fort & field.

Stop by fort & field for a visit and a looksee:

After you read this, you are going to love her even more…I DO!

1. I love going to your blog and being inspired with all the gorgeous eye candy. You have such lovely taste, what top 3 things inspire you?

It's almost difficult to take in all of the inspiration around us every's really everywhere! One of my sisters is a graphic designer focusing primarily on packaging. She introduced me to interesting text and product design and I am completely hooked. I love that both can evoke certain feelings within us, and a product with great design can feel like opening a present! I can't go through the grocery store aisle anymore without stopping to look closer at certain products that pop out at me. My most recent job before diving into my business full-time was as a merchandiser for a fashion designer. The immersion in fashion that I experienced gave me a true appreciation for the details and art of fashion rather than the commercial side of it. Because of this, I take note and sketch an interesting neckline on a blouse or new way to do a skirt hem whether I'm watching a television show or browsing in a boutique. I'm also inspired by design from the 60's, whether it be furniture/accessories, fashion, or craft projects. I love the contrast in this time period between clean, modern design and sort of crazy off the wall. I keep an insane record of everything inspiring to me by collaging photos, magazine clippings, and pages printed from online in 3-ring binders. At this point, I have approximately 40 of these binders separated by category...and they keep growing! My blog is a way of sharing a little of this inspiration, but at some point I would love to find a way to get more of the information in these massive catalogs out so it would be available for everyone to see. To me, blogs are just the beginning and we're going to continue sharing and inspiring in new ways and this excites me.

2. You are a lady of many talents (sewing, baking, paper crafting...) If you had to choose one, what is your favorite?

In recent years I haven't been able to complete as many projects as I would like, but I would say sewing is my favorite. I grew up sewing with my mom and so I feel the most comfortable with it (while by no means being an expert). There are sewing projects that can be completed fairly quickly, but for the most part it takes some time to finish a piece. I think because of this, there is a great sense of accomplishment once done. I also have always been drawn to beautiful fabrics and have quite a collection so I guess I have to keep sewing so I can buy more!

3. How/why did you start your shop(s)?

When I was little, my sisters and I spent hours creating magazines, stationary, and candies and sold them to each other in the "stores" we each created in our basement. It was always a dream of mine to have an actual store, but it wasn't until a few years ago when this handmade revolution we're in began that this dream seemed realizable. I started selling "bakers twine" before you could find it anywhere. What I had was actually red and white striped yarn that I found around Christmas time at the local craft store. I now sell the real thing, but my initial experience with the twine made me research and become interested in packaging in general and I started carrying more packaging items like the ever popular striped paper bags. While these bags could be used for any sort packaging, they are predominantly used as treat bags for parties. So, I was introduced into another world of wonderful supplies. It's just been a domino effect from there. My focus is still on party and packaging, but I also carry some gifts and am looking to expand into clothing and home accessories. I am bursting with ideas and new direction for the business and I think it's exciting as time goes on that I am slowly able to realize more of them.

4. I always love browsing your shop and just fell in love with these toppers. I love how they attach to the straws! Tell us about your newest designs in the shop - inspiration, etc...

Yes, the newest addition to the shop are toppers that are available for purchase as a PDF to print at home. They are available in a range of styles to suit any celebration...striped pennants, pirates, fun bugs, and the list goes on. The toppers easily slide onto any drinking straw to use as embellishment in a favorite beverage. Or, the straws can also be cut in half and slipped through the toppers to create cupcake or sundae picks. My oldest sister is a children's book illustrator and designed the toppers exclusively for the shop. We have plans to do many more collaborations together. And, I also have plans to design many products myself as well.

5. Tell us your FAVORITES…


turquoise - I love how fresh and clean it looks with white. My favorite color scheme right now would be almost all white with pops of turquoise and bits of citrus colors like orange, yellow, and green.


Flowers have always been my favorite decorating element for a party. The rest of the decor can be very simple and flowers will immediately elevate it and create something beautiful. They've been used for ages, but I'm constantly seeing new combinations put together. Lately, I have also been falling for the handcrafted variety over real. There are some amazing bouquets and centerpieces being made out of paper, felt, and fabric. I have also seen the entire ceiling covered in oversized paper flowers so it looks like a hanging garden. It's just incredible the impact the inclusion of flowers, whether real or handcrafted, can make.


I've been browsing through vintage party books and cookbooks to find new possible ideas for goodies and party ideas in general.

A huge THANK YOU to Jessica of fort & field!
Thank you so very much for sharing your inspiration and your shop with us!

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  1. This is so interesting!! Love to read Jessica's answers! She sounds like an amazing person!