Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cowboys and Elephants - sheet set

I really want both boys to have "matching"  sheet sets.  I think its the fun part of having them both in the same room. In my search for cute and affordable options for the boys room, I found this set on   Its from Dwell Studio, and is super cute and colorful, a balanced modern twist on traditional. It screams western fun without all the kitchy stuff, right? It might still be out of my price range for toddler sets. Cute nonetheless.


  1. Jenny, WHY are you not making their sheet sets?? A) You have mad sewing skills and I don't think sheets are all that hard anyway and B) You and your incredibly great taste could make the most kick butt little kid quilts out there - and they'd be family heirlooms and they'd be an excuse to shop for fabric and you'd come out way ahead as far as bang for your buck. Please do this, I totally want to see what you'd make and then drool over - it gives me direction and projects to aspire to.

  2. OH GEEZ, I am blushing now, and feeling lazy for considering store bought options. Okay, fine. You keep me on my toes. I did find the cutest blue gingham plaid fitted sheets at Target and am seriously considering that as an option. $7 in exchange for a few hours of my time...I am super tempted. Only because the fitted one requires working with elastic, and the flat sheet, pillowcase and quilt would be easier, and no elastic. But yes, I promise to make quilts. They are little, right? Shopping for fabric is my fave thing to do...

  3. I totally missed this response - yes! buying the flat sheets makes complete sense. I'm SO excited you're going to do this, I'll be inspired to follow suit - maybe I should plan a crafting vacation from work this summer, I do have vacation time I haven't used yet.....Anyway, yes, the quilts are little and you can do them the way you did that other amazing one - with the top stitching..that will save time too right? Yay! Can't wait to see it come together!