Monday, April 12, 2010

Macarons, take two...

Still loving my I Love Macarons book (see previous post) I tried these first at the inlaws in Seattle.  Something went wrong and they were all runny and flat like pancakes.  So, now were back in Nevada and they puffed up and formed the pied (little foot).  Fabulous. So I tried to make the buttercream recipe from the book. Not so fabulous. 
There is a part about making a sugar syrup in the microwave.  One minute, fine, stir, fine, nuke for 4 more mins, uh oh.  At about 2 mins 35 seconds, whats that smell??? Open the door, sizzling black sugared liquid boiling away in puffs of smoke.  I grabbed a towel, ran it out to the backyard and tossed the gunk and the bowl behind the garden bed with no garden. Back to reread the directions. Ahhhhh.  Her microwave is 500 watts.  Hmmmmm... oh, mine is 1300.  Note to twice, cook once.  So after another attempt at the icing in the book, I quit, dumped the experiment in the sink and made some shortening based chemical frosting.  Delish!  Pretty sure chemical frosting does not belong in the french delicacy world but hey, oh well.  Its my kind of pastry, little bit trashy but super sweet, like me.

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  1. When my cuz made some macaroons for her daughter's 1st birthday she used Nutella :)